Stating the obvious

T – Well we were quite lazy today. We slept in and then lounged about in bed until 10am. We are getting a bit lazy these days. There wasnt too much on todays agenda. Fit the new stator to Mabel and make sure she ran again, do some shopping, and maybe drink some wine.

It took me all of about 30 minutes to have the old stator out and the new one in. It was with some trepidation that i\I gave Mabel a good swift kick in the guts. But she fired right up and sat there purring away. Phew! Now we have two running bikes again. That means that tomorrow we can head on out of here.

Chantelle made some plans for where we could ride and found a way for us to get off of the stinking Pan Am for a while. Also we are off to do a tour of a Pisco brewery. Its a locally made beverage that is similar to brandy. I have some foggy memories of our last alcoholic beverage tour in Tequila with Rick. I hope I dont end up that drunk!

Then we just hung out, did some laundry and drank a little bit of red wine. A nice easy day!

Tomorrow we head for Pisco Elqui.

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