Yeah nah, we don’t have that part. Or do we…….

C – We laid in this morning, enjoying the fact that the shops do not open early here. We were hoping that we would fluke finding a stator here to avoid ordering one from the USA.

Todd found a few motorcycles stores located a couple of kilometres away, so we rugged up and ventured out into the chilly, foggy morning. We found a Napa and picked up a couple of 12v fuses for the laptop charger (which we use on the motorbike) and eventually came across the Honda and Yamaha dealer. The guys were really friendly, but directed us to their other store, seven traffic lights back in the direction we came.

We found the other store, basically on the corner of the road our hotel is on (doh!) and after a bit, they finally ventured out the back to see if they had something. It looked promising as they sold Chinese bikes and parts as well as Honda and Yamaha. After giving up on the idea, as one of the guys said they don’t have the parts for our bikes, one of the other guys came back to the counter with the exact part we needed. We both nearly fell over when we heard the price, but what can you do! We forked over the cash and left feeling very happy.

Next on the list was a camera. After confirming in a number of stores between Calama and here, we learnt again that purchasing a Sony lens in the country was likely to be impossible, we asked in the two department stores close to us to be told the same thing. But, we were in luck! They had the exact camera Todd wanted for about the price of a new lens anyway.Then we picked up the last of the bits and pieces we needed (zipties, electrical tape etc) and splurged on a delicious lunch of hamburgers and fries at a place called Johnny Rockets.

We also found a wonderful map so have decided to spend tomorrow researching our Patagonia section and working out the ferry schedules to see where/how we can get as far as south in Chile before crossing into Argentina.

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6 thoughts on “Yeah nah, we don’t have that part. Or do we…….

  1. HI sounds fun/hard work
    its my birthday again and u wont be here 🙁
    hope ur having fun
    Love Bailee Xxx

    • tncpowell

      Hi Bailee. We are having fun and we wish we were going to be there for your birthday!
      Love Aunty Channy and Todd

  2. Karen Boehler

    Johnny Rocket’s in Chile!
    I definitely have to make South America my next stop. Sounds so much more civilized than where I am!

    • tncpowell

      Haha! Ill bet! Chile is like being back in the western world.

      • :(. at least ur having fun 🙂

        • tncpowell

          Always! Are you having fun?

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