Excited about shopping malls? Weird.

C – The plan for today was to get some laundry done and take a walk to the big mall we spied on the way in. I was excited about visiting a big grocery store!

We dropped off our stinking clothes and wandered around Calama, stopping in at the Mall Plaza and being generally amazed by the westerness of it all.

Todd really wanted to find a camera lense, or a new camera, so we called in to all the electronics store to learn that Sony lenses really are not easy to get hold of here. We decided we would try in the next big town.

After picking up some yummy groceries, including camembert cheese and really delicious looking salami, ham, olives and french loaf for dinner, we wandered back to the hotel to try to figure out how to tackle Chile.

Our first choice was to travel from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales by ferry, however, we had received an email advising that the last ferry for the season leaves on 6 May 2017. No way we can make that. So we spent much time trying to work out where the ferries run in Chilean Patagonia to see if we can ride the Carretera Austral.

We both gave up trying to do this on the laptops and decided to pick up a good map of Chile at the next opportunity. I do love a good paper map!

Tomorrow, we will leave Calama and head straight down the PanAm through the Atacama Desert. I think this will take us quite a few days, it’s quite the distance!

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4 thoughts on “Excited about shopping malls? Weird.

  1. Karen Boehler

    I got very excited when I found the only “real” mall in Goa. And it even has a WalMart type store! So I know how you felt.

    • tncpowell

      Its those little connections with home that make the difference

    • Ed Thomas

      Haha … I’ve never been to, or inside, a Walmart.

      • tncpowell

        Really? We have a love/hate relationship with Walmart. Love it because its cheap, hate it because they aren’t a very nice company.

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