Rockin’ it

T – We were staring down the barrel of a long day of highway riding today. Luckily for us the scenery was quite nice.

We zipped along the main highway. Watching our odometers slowly tick down. There wasn’t much of note today. We passed through a few small dusty villages as we plugged on. We had picked a cheap hostal to stay in that was right next to the salt flats, but as we rode along we spied some gorgeous boulder fields.

C – Neither of us really wanted to stay in a hotel tonight. We have been paying for hotels with no wifi and generally not much hot water in Bolivia, so we decided it was better to save the money and camp! Which I was very excited about. We have both missed camping, but whilst the hotels were cheap and provided decent wifi, it seemed worth it.

T – So we decided to see if we could find a little hidey spot in them and wallah, we found a lovely little wild camp spot up against an old stone wall. Much better than a hotel!

C – The little spot was perfect! Out of the wind, in the sun, away from the road and nicely hidden from view. Perfecto! We were still up at 4000mtrs so figured it might get a bit chilly overnight, but surely it would be ok, right?

T – We cooked up a great pot of camp food, pasta cooked in pumpkin soup, crawled into our sleeping bags and watched a few episodes of Friends while we scoffed through a packet of biscuits before calling it a night.

Tomorrow we ride the Salar De Uyuni!

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2 thoughts on “Rockin’ it

  1. Jax

    My tent has cobwebs…
    note to self: wild camping is fun!!

    • tncpowell

      It really is. But you are doing it in style now! No more sleeping on the ground for you!

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