My nipples could cut glass

C – Oh, what a joy to wake up feeling awake and refreshed! We were both ready and raring to go this morning. We were also both starving and as it was very cold, decided to buy a nice, hot breakfast.

T – I had woken up and sworn it was daylight, and because I felt so alive it must have been breakfast time right? Wrong. It was only 3am. So I forced myself back into a world of weird dreams.

C – We found a little cafe serving breakfast for just under $1.. Perfecto! I finally bought a tyre for Rosie after breakfast and then we were on our way.

Our plan today was to reach Lake Titicaca and I was super excited about this! Sicuani sits at about 3800mtrs and so we started the ride in a very chilly morning. As we rode out of town, we saw dark, ominous rain clouds all around us.

We climbed initially and started to glimpse some amazing snow covered peaks as we climbed over 4000mtrs. Fresh snow littered the mountains nearly all the way down to the road – it was breathtakingly beautiful. Todd and I kept thinking it didnt look real, but like a beautifully painted backdrop.

T – The scenery was achingly gorgeous. The snow thick and white up on the peaks and tapering off to a light dusting not far above the roadside. Stunning! Unfortunately it was only for a short section of our ride.

C – Our elevation remained pretty steady all day and it wasnt long until we had left the snow covered peaks behind and we riding along a massive plain. Is this the start of the antiplano??

The day remained pretty chilly and we were ready to pull into a hotel by the time we reached Puno. We saw the lake as we drifted into town, along with the darkest sky I have seen in a long time. We could hear thunder and see lightning cracking around us.



We made it into the hotel carpark just in the nick of time. The rain started to come down just as we were unpacking the bikes.

Tomorrow – Bolivia!

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4 thoughts on “My nipples could cut glass

  1. Dar

    Are you riding into winter weather agaim? Its spring here finally!

    • tncpowell

      It looks like we might be! Though we are very high up here, over 4000mts. The only snow we have seen has been on the big peaks. None on the ground…yet… We definitely will be in winter in Patagonia though. Brr….

  2. Karen

    Thank you! Little closer next time if possible.

    • tncpowell

      Hahaha! Ok. I didn’t want to get spat on. By the llama herder not the llama.

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