Through the Sacred Valley

C – We both woke up feeling a bit better yesterday, after sleeping from about 6pm right through 6am this morning. We decided to head out of Cusco and head into the Sacred Valley for a poke around.

T – Whatever it was that we had certainly gave us a good swift kick up the bum. Only one way to go now though, and thats up, well actually south..

C – We headed out towards Urubamba and the views were spectacular as we climbed out of Cusco and then into the Valley. The road wound past Inca sites and we were able to see some ruins as we rode along. Neither of us felt up to hiking yet, so we just enjoyed what we could see as we travelled along.

T – One of the sites we wanted to visit was a 4km walk up a path that crossed some mountains and ridges. I could barely get myself on and off the bike, I was so weak and energyless. There was no way I could have walked 4kms, let alone up a mountain at altitude.

C – Feeling in need of a cup of tea, we stopped just outside of Urubamba next to a raging river and enjoyed a nice cup of mate de coca.




Back on the road, we meandered our way to Pisac, where we had thought we might stop for the night. However, it was still only lunchtime and we were both keen to ride a little further.

Our route took us towards Lake Titicaca and provided us with more of the same gorgeous Andean vistas.  When we reached Sicuani, we decided it was time to stop for the day.

After finding a lovely hostal, we stuffed ourselves on rotisserie chicken and chips and then had another very, very early night.

T – It was only 6pm and I was struggling to NOT get into bed and go to sleep. I managed to stay awake until 8.

Tomorrow we plan to get to Puno which is the main city on the edge of Lake Titicaca. From there we will probably head straight to Bolivia.

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4 thoughts on “Through the Sacred Valley

  1. Jax

    Have u given up on your camera?

    • tncpowell

      Not yet. I will wait until we get into Santiago in Chile before seeing if I can get it fixed, or buy a new lens.Using Channys camera, phones and GoPros. Are the pics that bad!!!!??

  2. Dar

    Sorry to hear you were both under the weather, maybe you just need a couple of days of downtime or low mileage days. Scenery is pretty incredible in your pictures.

    • tncpowell

      Oh yes the scenery has been breathtaking! It gets better though. Bolivia has been just superb!

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