Some days its just not worth getting out of bed

T – We both woke up feeling a little under the weather today. It was a real effort to just get out of bed and heave ourselves over to the kitchen for a free breakfast. We have put it down to being a culmination of a few things. We have been on the go for 8 days or so straight with some of those days being over 10 hours of riding, we also think we had some bad food or water last night, and the altitude here is probably affecting us too.

Chantelle basically spent the first half of the day i n bed sleeping and I spent the second half in bed sleeping. Ugh. We both felt like death.

We went to get the bike parts we needed but after a lady at a bike shop messed us around with a part, which really annoyed Chantelle no end, we gave up and went back to our room. Unfortunately we have found quite a bit of dishonesty here in Peru and it really hasn’t sat well with us.

C – I was probably feeling a little irritated anyway, but I was really annoyed with her. I felt she was outright lying to us about the part. Anyway, let it wash you over Chantelle…

T – Tomorrow we are going to head to some ruins around the place and then we are out of here. Bolivia is only two or three days ride away and we will visit Lake Titicaca on our way out.

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2 thoughts on “Some days its just not worth getting out of bed

  1. Oh dear…hang in there for it won’t last. Hopefully you’ll feel better soon. 😘

    • tncpowell

      We feel a little better today. A slight touch of altitude sickness we think! Hows it going for you guys up there?

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