Macho macho Pichu. For all your money of course

T – Today we were heading to Cusco. The jump off point for most people who want to visit Machu Pichu. Now I will be honest and say Chantelle and I have been umming and ahhing about going to Machu Pichu. I know its the thing to do in Peru but we are sure it is going to be hideously expensive. We will see how we go when we get there.

Again we climbed mountains. The swtichbacks so sharp and piled on top of one another. The mountains here are crazy steep! The scenery continued to be amazing.

We met a few other overlanders on the road today, all heading for Cusco too. In fact since we have been in Peru we have seen more overlanders than on the rest of our trip combined.

Eventually we wound down to a measly 3300mts at Cusco. Both bikes have worked overtime to get us here. We fumbled around town trying to find somewhere cheap to stay for a couple of days. No such luck. One place told Chantelle that Cusco is Perus most expensive town. And we could see why.

Throngs of tourists wandered up and down the roads, buying trinkets and alpaca wool products. The tourist train had been coming here for some time now and understandably businesses were making the most of it.

Eventually we found a little place that would do us for two nights. We had a wander around the old Inca built part of town and chatted about Machu Pichu. Both of us still unsure about it. We both said that if we didn’t do it we wouldn’t be disappointed. We saw a tour place that was open that sold tickets for Machu Pichu.

Yikes. We could pay $70 each for a ticket and then make our own way there, $100 each for a 10 hour bus trip and 4 hour walk, or $250 to take a train from Cusco. I nearly laughed out loud. Surely thats just taking the mickey right? Both the train trip and the bus trip would only give us a total of two hours at the site before we had to start to make our way back out again. Sorry Peru, too expensive for us right now.

C – The problem with making our own way there, and buying the cheaper option, is the bikes. The closest place to leave them means a 9hr return hike, limiting the amount of time you can spend at the site. Alternatively, you can drive within a 4hr hike, but need to leave the bikes at the start of the trail. We decided that Machu Picchu is something we will do another day, when we have hiking gear and can enjoy the hike up without worrying about our bikes.

T – So we scrapped that idea and started to look at some other ruins that we could see for much cheaper. It appears that there is a heap of old forts around the area so that will be us!

We are going to have a day off tomorrow. Rosie needs a new tyre and both bikes need a new chain so that will probably be all we do.

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2 thoughts on “Macho macho Pichu. For all your money of course

  1. Jax

    Bummer…. but I understand your reasoning. I have read other people’s accounts of getting up to Machu Pichu and it seems the tourist impact is destroying the very thing they are coming to see.

    • tncpowell

      It seems to be that way. We have read that the whole place is moving at a crazy rate, 1cm a month or something like that, and it is expected that at some stage there will be a massive landslide up there.

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