Stator died.

C – We went looking for a tyre for Rosie this morning, as her tyre is pretty well bald and we wanted to make sure that we would not get any more flats from staples. Grrrrr! Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a tyre in Puquio, so we just had to hope we got all the staples out and she would be a good girl today.

Last night though, Todd’s laptop charger cable finally died, after Todd fixing it a million times since Guatemala. We did manage to find one of those before we hit the road.

As soon as we left town, we found a pretty little spot to stop and have some breakfast. We sat, overlooking green valleys and the little town of Puquio whilst enjoying tea, coffee and porridge in the morning sun.

We started climbing straight after breakfast and did not stop for the entire morning. We only had 180km to cover today, but it was shaping up to be slow going. Every time we came to another hairpin bend, we would comment that surely there was no way we could go any higher. The mountain must end! But sure enough, the road would continue to climb and Rosie and Mable continued to gasp and splutter all the way up to 4551mtrs.

T – It’s odd to ride these roads and see the top of the mountain as you get to it, only to be confronted with an extra top of the mountain. And so it goes until eventually we would reach the actual top of the mountain! We loved it! This was so much better than the Pan Am.

C – We had to be careful where we stopped, as we were worried about the girls being able to get going again, so strategically timed our breaks with small downhill sections of the road.

The road sat consistently between 4400mtrs and 4500mtrs all morning and the views were painfully breathtaking. We crawled past lakes, endless plains and snow covered mountains and saw millions of llamas grazing away. It was bitingly cold with a super cold relatively strong wind blowing, but the beauty and constant awe of where we were made it a little easier to deal with.

We started to descend around 12.30pm and found a lovely little spot by a raging river for lunch. By this time, it was only 40km to our stop for the night, so we took our time and enjoyed the views whilst we watched a local family fishing in the river.

Eventually, we arrived at Chalhuanca and found a nice little hotel on the square. We browsed around town and finally splurged on a beautiful rug – I have been looking ever since Guatemala!

Now to find somewhere safe to stow the rug for the rest of the journey!

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2 thoughts on “Stator died.

  1. Karen

    Pictures of llamas please!!! I miss mine terribly.

    • tncpowell

      Haha. Ok! I will get you some!

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