Thats it, I draw the line

T – We decided to treat ourselves. We had booked a seat each on a small Cessna and we were off to fly over the Nazca lines today! Woohoo! Our bus arrived on time and whisked us away to the airport where we were checked in and shoehorned into a tiny little aircraft.

The Nazca lines are made up of animals and geometric shapes dug into the desert sand and some of them are huge. The lines look like they go on for kilometers and the animals are really well done.

C – I was really excited about this. I believe that the Nazca culture died out many years ago and the language is now extinct. Archeologists do not really know the exact purpose of the lines and drawings, other than believing that they were completed for religious purposes. We were going in a six seater Cessna, which is a pretty tiny little plane. I was excited!

T – We shook and wobbled our way up into the air and began to circle over each of the more prominent shapes. There was a whale, dog, hummingbird, condor and even an astronaut. It was a very exciting thing to do. I especially loved that the pilot had a Garmin Street GPS tacked onto his steering. A nice touch.

C – The pilots do two swings past each prominent shape, one curving to the right and one to the left, so all the passengers get a good view. Really, I thought the price ($80US) was pretty reasonable for the trip.

T – We spent about 35 mins in the air and then it was back to our room where we both zonked out. The last few days of go go go have caught up to us.

We have a few more long days ahead of us yet as its about 700kms or so to Machu Picchu and we would like to knock it out in two days. So tomorrow we get up and going nice and early.

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2 thoughts on “Thats it, I draw the line

  1. Dna

    Happy easter guys 🐣

    • tncpowell

      Thanks guys! Same to the both of you!

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