I knocked her teeth out

T – Another big ride today. We were looking at a good 350kms to get us to Nazca. But it was all on the highway again so we knew we could slog along at our usual 65km/h all day. In theory it should take us 5-6 hours, but distances like this always take us 8 or more. We have a lot of bum breaks.

Not far down the road we decided to stop and check our maps as we were no longer on the GPS. Turns out that we were on a new section of road! While we were stopped I happened to glance at Mabels front sprocket. It had a snapped tooth showing. I wheeled her forward to see if it was just one and found 6 had snapped off out of the 16 it had. Luckily we had some spares but they were 17 tooth ones. So after a quick swap we were back on our way again. For about 20 meters. There was a nasty rasping noise coming up from the sprocket at speed. I figured Mabes had a stretched chain and the stretched bit was flinging itself off the sprocket and hitting the case.

After pulling it all apart again I saw that it was indeed just that. There was some fresh gouge marks in the case. I put on an old very worn smaller sprocket and we will try to find some new ones or a new chain along the way.

We passed through some more very nice desert scenery. The sand dunes were really cool and some of the empty plains stretched away into forever. It was very pretty.

Just before Nazca we cruised through some nice bendy canyons and then we were on the desert plain where the Nazca lines were drawn! Very exciting stuff. It didn’t take us long and we were soon into the town and hunting for our accommodation.

Tomorrow we are going to see the lines and stay another night before we head to Machu Picchu and then Bolivia.

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