My stupid camera is not happy

T -My camera has started to show spots all over my pictures and I cant see where from. The lens is clean as is the sensor. I hope a good clean makes it better. I apologise for the crap quality of the photos.

Look out highway, here we come to be a nuisance. We are both glad we made the decision to zoom south. There is quite a bit of flood damage here and there is still water flowing down a few streets in Piura. Smelly, skanky water. We really didn’t want to get into the mountains and get blocked in by new mudslides, washed out roads, and collapsed villages. Of which we had been assured there was plenty!

The highway today was straight, very straight and very flat. The landscape was a nice desert once we got out of town. But we did pass a lot of white tents set up as temporary shelters and we saw quite a few families with their meager possessions stacked up under tarps. It was a very sobering section of riding today and made us realise how lucky we are. It also reaffirmed to us that we had made the right decision to not get in the way of the rebuilding and clean up here.

The desert rolled on by and we passed through a few washed out sections of road which had been temporarily fixed. We could really start to see some of the damage done by the flooding. There was still a lot of water laying around and some of the rivers were still running hard and fast with muddy water, though they were not as swollen as they had been a week or two ago.

We cruised through some larger towns today with crazy chaotic traffic. Two lanes of road would always contain 3 and 4 lanes of traffic, all beeping and jostling for position. It was fun on the bikes as we filtered through and pushed and shoved our way to the front. I wouldnt like to do it in a car!

One thing we have noticed in Peru so far is the incredible amount of litter. Maybe some has washed in from the floods but I suspect a fair bit hasn’t. It is everywhere. Piled high in the streets, in the drains, and dumped in piles anywhere that there is a vacant lot. The majority of it is plastic and it made me really sad to see it all. In some places there was an awful constant stench of rotting garbage that went on and on. I have been shocked here as I had visions of Peru being so different.

We met another rider along the way who has had a string of bad luck on his big BMW, a nasty crash in Costa Rica nearly destroyed the front of his bike, and then just recently his fancy electronic braking package failed and locked up his front wheel, while he was travelling at 80km/hr and NOT touching any of the brake levers. He suffered some nasty looking road rash and he is pretty unimpressed with the big Beemer.

We stopped in a nondescript town and plan on an early start in the morning. We hope to cover at least half of the distance between here and Lima tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “My stupid camera is not happy

  1. Jax

    Wow your camera has really shat itself…
    is it mould?

    • tncpowell

      I hope not!

  2. Karen

    If you don’t like trash, you wouldn’t like India. I thought it was just Goa, but was told it’s the whole country. 🙁

    • tncpowell

      Its just so sad to see soooo much plastic everywhere. I have heard that its bad in India! Hows your new life going over that way?

      • Karen

        Pretty good. I should be sending out a new report in early May. I’m looking at buying a bike, and keep thinking about you when I see how small they all are.

        • tncpowell

          Nice!! Small bikes are a good way to go!

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