Border time!

C – Our room included breakfast today, so after a feast of bread, cheese, eggs, juice, coffee and some weird but delicious peanut bread type thing, we packed up and jumped on the road!

We were heading to the Ecuadorian border town of Huaquillas with a plan of crossing into Peru tomorrow. Our only task today was sit on the highway, E50, all the way to the border town. The ride was pleasant with fun, twisty roads through the mountains for the first 100km. Again, the views were stunning and before we knew it, it was lunch time and we were beginning the long descent to sea level.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed their lengthy downhill run! At one point, we came across a LONG line of cars on the highway. Thank goodness for motos! We zip in and out of the parked cars, making our way all the way to the front of the line, where we witnessed an excavator cleaning a large pile of debris from the road. The line of traffic in both directions was about a kilometer long and boy, did they start to get a bit antsy. Lots of hooting and yelling going on!

After a few minutes, the excavator driver began to maneuver the machine off of the road, obviously to allow some traffic to go through. The car in front of us began to aggressively try to push past the digger. I have no idea why – it was really obvious the digger was moving out of the way and then they would let traffic through. But this dude just couldn’t wait. The excavator driver was understandably unhappy and the two spent the next five minutes, parked dead still, screaming at each other. What a tool!

We passed through the debris zone and then past all the cars parked in the opposite direction. We rounded a bend to find a large truck parked awkwardly across the entire road, with the smell of locked up brakes hanging in the air. Because there were zero safety signs anywhere, this poor trucky has come around the corner, most likely at or above the 60km/hr speed limit, and then packed himself (I am just guessing this) at seeing the rear end of a big bus stopped dead in the road!

Once the trucky had cleaned himself up and moved his truck, we were back on our way! The air temperature slowly increased and Todd and I were both struck by the contrast of the blue, blue sky and the green, green landscape. Pretty well our entire week in Ecuador has been spent under cloud, so this was the first time we had witnessed this. Just beautiful!

The humidity increased too, much to our delight and we eventually rolled into town at the very reasonable hour of 2pm.

We checked into a hotel and then went for a wander!

Tomorrow, comes Peru. This is something we are both uncertain about. The feeling of being a ‘tourist’ in a country which is recovering from a large scale emergency does not sit well with me. I guess we will only know once we cross how we will approach the country. If we feel it is not the right time to travel Peru as a tourist, we will stick to the main highway and march on through, with a view to returning in the future sometime. Wait and see game I guess!

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4 thoughts on “Border time!

  1. Gym Fry

    It has been great to follow your adventures since we met back in Canada and then had a meal at The Crossing between Jasper and Banff National Parks. Safe travels as you encounter another new country. Do you think you will be headed back to the USA, specifically the midwest (Illinois).

    • tncpowell

      Gday Gym! We remember you guys! We sent Scarlet home with your patch. We are definately headed back to the US. Not sure on a month, but we want to be in North Carolina for the Overland Expo in September. Illinois is on our list for sure!

      • Gym Fry

        Awesome. I am sure we can make arrangements to meet you somewhere along you trip. Glad we could be a part of Scarlet’s adventure.

        • tncpowell

          That would be great!!! We definately should organise that!

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