The potential abandonment of Mabel

T – The Amazon. Just hearing that word conjures up images of thick green jungle, unique wildlife, and undiscovered tribes. And we were going to ride our postie there! Ambassadors for the little red bikes!

We donned our wet weather gear as the skies were grey and threatening and headed out. To Mabels relief much of the going was down hill. We started at 3000mts and just kept on dropping. The highway took us down the sides of mountains, through long, long unventilated tunnels and deposited us into a much warmer and delightfully humid jungle.

C – The downhill run all morning was very welcoming for the poor posties and we descended over 2000mtrs before reaching the upper level of the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin.

T – The plants were so vividly green and even though the clouds hung low and ominous, the rain held off.

We pretty well had this road to ourselves, which was quite nice. It was smooth bitumen with nice long sweeping corners and as we dropped below 1000mts both bikes got back to their full bone crunching 7 or 8 hp.

We whizzed along, enjoying the jungle, though we couldn’t see much as it was super thick right up to the edge of the road. I quite like the jungle. I like the fact that it hides so many secrets just meters in from its edge. As I admired the greenery and wetness of it all old mate Mabel decided that air in her rear tyre was just too much, and she let it all out. Again. That’s it. Time for a new tyre. I have had a guts full Mabel!

We took the tyre off and checked it in the hopes of finding a shard of something sticking through. Nope. The hole was in the same spot as all the other tubes that had gone flat, and again we checked the tyre over carefully. We found yet another piece of staple in the area where the tube keeps getting holed. Maybe this was the one, but I don’t care. I’m getting a new tyre. Rosies flat the other day also was caused by a shard of staple so we have both run through a patch of them at some point.

C – After threatening Mabel with a one way trip into the jungle should she feel the need to deflate one more tyre today, we packed up our bits and pieces and prepared to hit the road again. I am not entirely sure Mabel, or Todd, was convinced of this threat.

T – Tyre inflated, we headed on. We planned on stopping in the town of Macas today and I hoped Mabels tyre would stay up for the 95kms we had to cover to get there. Being a Sunday most places are closed here in Ecuador so our chances of buying and fitting a new tyre today are slim to none.

In the end we made it with no more flats. Every time the tyre goes down it has been after some fairly nice corners and I suspect the tyre gets warm and soft and allows the piece of whatever to squeeze out of the tyre a little and pierce the tubes. Bloody thing! So Mabel and I now have to corner like adults which leaves both of us sulking as it is mine and Mabels favourite thing to do.

Tomorrow we get a tyre and start making our way towards the border crossing into Peru.

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6 thoughts on “The potential abandonment of Mabel

  1. Dna

    Mabel = sookie la la ?

    • tncpowell

      Hahaha! Never!!!!! But yes, she has been a sooky lala the last few days!

  2. P.J.Berg

    Why don’t you use Slime in your tubes? Is the tyre steel belted? It could be breaking up internally.

    • tncpowell

      We had slime in our tubes before. When eventually we got a flat, 3 inch nail that tore the tube to bits, we ended up with a huge mess! Since then I havent worried too much about it. I can do a tyre change in about 20 mins now. We put a new tube in and patch the holed ones in camp that day! Our tyres dont have steel belts, they arent that fancy! 🙂

  3. Jax

    Blimey – don’t start adulting on me now!!!

    • tncpowell

      I know I know! We dont like it!

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