Middle earth

T – The middle of the world beckoned us! A monument set up just north of Quito marked the equator where it ran through Ecuador. That was our first place on the list to visit. So we packed our gear and donned our wet weather clothes. It had been raining all night and it was still drizzling out.

We sat on the Pan Am again as we climbed up over 3000mts. The rain started to come down quite hard and there was water flowing everywhere! The road was pretty, well we assume it was as we couldn’t see very much thanks to low clouds, and we made decent time even though our average speed was hovering around the 40km/hr mark.

C – It was only 90km to Mitad del Mundo and despite sitting on the PanAm, it was not a bad ride. The road was quite busy with trucks and buses though and the views obscured with low cloud. The day did not warm up for us, as we climbed from 2500mt up to over 3000mt. The entire ride was spent in the rain, and we were both starting to feel a little chilled by the time we got to Mitad del Mundo. Luckily, we have a few more layers yet to add to the riding gear, as it is going to get much colder yet.

T – I was surprised to see we had entered Quito, the nation’s capital, quite some time before we got to the equator. The city was sprawled out quite some distance from its centre. Wetly we pulled into a drenched carpark and wandered into the Centre of the World City that had been built around the equator monument.

We took a few photos of the yellow painted line that marked the equator and had a short wander round the place. We were wet and cold and really keen to find a place with a hot shower where we could dry off and warm up. So off into the city we went.

C – It was exciting to reach the Equator! We are officially now in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time since we left Sydney a year ago. The Ciudad Mitad del Mundo is a really a tourist gimmick, and actually not really on the equator line (its slightly off at 0.002 something), but we took some shots of the monument and enjoyed the moment. We have now reached the Top of the World (Alaska) and the Middle of the World – now to reach our goal of End of the World at Ushuaia in Argentina.

T – We had decided to stay in the old town part of the city as we had heard that Quito is a bit of a dodgy place to be. The old town was quite pretty and we had a nice wander around before calling it a day. Our hostel comes equipped with a kitchen so Chantelle was very excited to cook our dinner tonight!

With full bellies and a few glasses of our leftover Panama rum we were soon struggling to stay awake.

Tomorrow we head further south.

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4 thoughts on “Middle earth

  1. Dar

    Is it winter in the southern hemisphere?

    • tncpowell

      I think its getting close to starting!

  2. Jax

    Mmmmm mash from a packet

    • tncpowell

      My favourite! Deb is still the best I have had yet though

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