Clouds ‘n mountains Channy. Clouds ‘n mountains

C – Today, we were both sad and excited to be leaving Colombia and entering Ecuador. We are getting closer to the equator, which is exciting, but leaving Colombia was going to be difficult.

First though, we rode out to Las Lajas, a gothic revival style basilica built above a river. It was really beautiful and thankfully we beat the hordes to tourists! After wandering around, we enjoyed a yummy breakfast and then set ourselves on course to the frontera.

T – The church was pretty spectacular. Built right into the ravine where the river flowed. It had a million bloody steps to get to it though and at 2800mt above sea level it made my lungs scream! Colombia has made me fat and unfit with its kindness and amazing food. Well I guess its now time to say goodbye Colombia. I will miss you!

C – We were processed out from Colombia in a matter of minutes and then joined the queue to enter Ecuador. We had to wait about a half an hour to get our immigration stamps, then what felt like forever to get our bikes imported. The border had a far less chaotic feel it since we left the USA and it was all very orderly and calm.

T – The border was so very chilled out. It was also strange for us to not have to make 17 000 copies of every document we had like in Central America!

C – Our plan today was reach Otavalo, 155km from the border, straight down the PanAm Highway. The highway was in great condition and the views were stunning! It wasnt long before we were stopping to put on our wet weather gear, but thankfully we seemed to stay out of the worse of the black, black clouds.

The scenery along the ride was completely stunning. Breathtaking. Deep valleys, moody clouds draping themselves over high mountain peaks and the sides of the mountains were different shades of agricultural green. B-e-a-utiful!

T – Oh wow. Ecuador! The mountains here seemed bare of any vegetation and I liked it! There was a real rawness to the beauty. Its looking promising for sure! Mabel isnt really enjoying the long slow 3rd gear marches up the mountains though. They are pretty damn steep.

C – We reached Otavalo and after some meandering, found a nice little hotel near the main square.

Tomorrow, we plan to head into Quito and will perhaps reach Mitad del Mundo – the middle of the world!

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2 thoughts on “Clouds ‘n mountains Channy. Clouds ‘n mountains

  1. Jax

    Are those memorial plaques behind the blue bin man?

    • tncpowell

      They appeared to be plaques that people had bought in exchange for a donation to the church as some were from cycling clubs etc. Though I am sure some were also memorial plaques. There was alot of them!

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