I pee ales

Not a single photo today!

C – We decided to spend two nights in Ipiales so we could get Mabels rear tyre sorted. Neither of us were keen to repeat the three flats in 60km again! Unfortunately, Ipiales is a standard border town and a little uninspiring, but there were tons and tons of motorcycle accessory and repair stores here, so we knew we would find the right tyre guy.

T – Poor Mabes. She is miserable with her rear tyre going flat all the time.

C – As we were leaving the hotel to go and find Mr Right Tyre Guy, we bumped into Dylan, a fellow Aussie who is riding around the world with his brother Lawson, both on DR650’s. Obviously, we had to chat to these guys, who have come from Australia, through Europe, south through Africa and are now working their way north from Argentina. Its always nice to meet other bikers, but particularly Aussies!

After lunch, we found Mr Right and in no time had diagnosed Mabels problem. A small, strange wear mark in the sidewall of the tyre. The small patch is very coarse to touch and obviously with the right friction, it has been wearing holes in the tubes. After putting in a new tube, lining the inside of the tyre with an old tube and repairing a tube, Mabel was ready to go. This cost us $2!

A quick visit to another shop for a new battery for Mabel and then a bicycle store to get a new manual pump for any future flats and we were ready for our next country – Ecuador!

T – I have really loved Colombia and I know the minute we stamp out that I am going to miss it terribly. Definately we will be coming back here. I hear houses are reasonably cheap to buy…….

C – It was quite late by the time we returned to the hotel, so we stopped by the supermarket and picked up some beer and snacks for dinner, then spent the remainder of the evening warm and tucked up in the hotel room.

Tomorrow, we head to Las Lajas and then onto Ecuador.

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