Water, water, water everywhere

T – Off to the statues today! Some of them are over 2000 years old! We had a wander through the museum and then out into the jungle where the statues are standing. Not much is known about the people who carved them or dug the tombs here. By the time the Spaniards arrived and began exploring the area the people who created them had already gone.

C – I enjoyed the park and find it fascinating that so little is known about the culture who left them here. Some of the statues are near tombs, but some are just distributed throughout the jungle. It was cool!

T – Then it was time to head out. We wanted to get to the town of Mocoa today. It is near the start of Colombias own Death Road. A 63km section of dirt road high in the mountains that has claimed a few lives over the years.

Again our only option was down the highway. We made good time as we pretty much had the road to ourselves. Towards the end we climbed a fair way up some mountains and then zipped down the other side along a mostly deserted road. It was a blast!

The road deteriorated in parts and again we saw massive landslides and water damage everywhere. The scenery though was incredible!

The town of Mocoa had nothing to offer us so we bunkered down in our room with some biscuits and some TV.

Tomorrow we are going to ride the Devils Trampoline and hope to make it through to Ipiales, which is the point at which we will cross into Ecuador.

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2 thoughts on “Water, water, water everywhere

  1. Jax

    Landslides are no match for the mighty postie

    • tncpowell

      Never! Especially when there is another road around them!

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