Highway riding is a little boring

T – The trucker stop was brilliant! Cheap, warm, quiet and comfortable. The added bonus was that there was a great coffee stop right next door too.

Today we were off to the town of San Agustin where there is a pile of old carved statues dating back to times before the Spanish came.

Our route today was all highway. But it wasn’t too bad. By the time we were settled into our ride the heavens had opened up and the rain was falling steadily. We chugged along, passing tons and tons of landslides and crossing massive raging rivers. The rain was certainly doing some damage! A few smaller towns we passed through had recently built massive levees around the towns so Im guessing they were expecting a lot of water at some point.

C – It was quite amazing to see the sheer number of landslides and the size of these slides. Most of the them coming down straight down on the highway, or in some cases behind peoples houses. Yet, the traffic was left to continue through, dodging the debris along the way. A number of times, Todd and I both decided to zip a little quicker past them as it certainly looked like there was possibility for more slides – particularly with the ongoing rain.

T – We eventually turned off the main highway and headed west towards San Agustin. Then Mabel went and got herself another flat tyre. Weird. I couldn’t find anything in the tyre as to what may have made it go down. We had no spare tubes left so Chantelle went up the road a little and found one. The mechanic she bought it from charged a ridiculous amount for the tube, but needs must and soon Mabel was back together and we were off again.

The town of San Agustin was a busy and pretty little place and we had a wander around while we stuffed ourselves with meat on a stick and some coca tea before retiring for the night. A pretty uneventful day today.

Tomorrow we will go to the nearby museum and check out the old statues.

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2 thoughts on “Highway riding is a little boring

  1. Dar

    I the moto-tart Mabel wants a vacation or she’s flirting with you Todd. Hi Chantelle!

    • tncpowell

      I think Mabel is getting tired. Not long now and she can get some new bits!

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