Kidnapped and called Luke.

T – Time to head out of the city. Dave and his mum have been amazing hosts and it was sad to say goodbye. Daves family is truly beautiful and we look forward to meeting them all again in the future! Thanks guys for looking after us!

C – We left with a firm plan to see Dave again in September and Madre is keen to visit us to Australia one day! Very exciting!

T – As we left Daves place the rain was falling. Luckily we had our new waterproof pants and gloves on so we stayed nice and warm and dry. I was loving my new gloves. Ever since we were in Arizona all I had was some $2 gardening gloves that I had bought in Walmart, so these ones seemed like pure luxury in comparison!

We had to get onto a major highway to head south and as soon as we did we were stuck in standstill traffic. Trucks and buses sat there all idling away. We snuck our way along through the jam, squeezing up between trucks and buses for kilometre after kilometre. No word of a lie we rode about 7 km of stopped traffic before we reached the end. Then suddenly we were clear. Neither of us sure as to what had caused the blockage.

C – The traffic jam was incredible. A lot of people were standing outside their vehicles, chatting away, and vendors were walking up and down the lanes of vehicles selling food and drink. It felt like a lot of these people had been here for hours. This is certainly the bonus of bikes, as we filtered between the standstill traffic for kilometres and kilometres, ducking and weaving our way between the two lanes. Which sometime became three because a vehicle had decided they deserved to squeeze in and create their own lane. It opened up just as we caught sight of a toll booth – the only logic explanation would be that maybe the toll gates were not working for a bit?

T – We whizzed along in the pouring rain, climbing higher and higher and then we crested a mountain and began the downhill run. We descended from 2700mts right down to 700mt and then Mabel got a flat.

We haven’t had flats for a while until recently. Rosie had one the other day and Mabel must have felt left out! We had a spare tube, so Mabels rim came off and I belted the bent bit from Honduras back into shape, found a few loose spokes, and fitted the new tube. I also noticed that the rim had some nasty looking cracks around a lot of the spoke holes. Hopefully it lasts until the bottom. Then it was back on the road.

We found a hotel in a rather large town and as we were checking in a local stopped in to chat to the receptionist. They definitely had a little spark between them. He, Oscar, invited us out later if we wanted too see the town as both he and the receptionist told us this was a bad bit of town and we shouldn’t be out on the street past 7pm.

C – Oscar seemed like a nice guy and it was lovely of him to offer to take us out. The hotel receptionist encouraged us to take him up on his offer, saying that she would love to come too, it she didnt have to work. Oscar made a vague plan of coming back to the hotel around 8pm and I do not think either of us thought he would. However, both made it very clear that there were bad men around these parts and we should not wander around on our own after it got dark. We decided that food and bed was good enough for us tonight!

T – We had a quick clean up and went out for some food. The town didn’t seem to have anything of note in it and was really just a highway town. While we were sitting eating our dinner, Oscar came in the door. He had been out looking for us and the receptionist had told him where we were. He was off to play soccer and wanted us to come with him and his friends. We agreed. The receptionist at our hotel had told Chantelle that Oscar was a good guy and could be trusted.

Well, after a crazy drive, Colombian style, we arrived at the town of Chicoral, where the game was to be held. I was promptly given a soccer uniform and told that I was to be the guest player tonight. Errrrr. Hang on. So hurry up and get dressed and get out on the field and warm up. Oh crap. I have never played soccer in my life.

Next thing I know I’m standing on the field and the ball is heading my way. I managed to get away with only two kicks even though both teams tried their hardest to get the ball to me. I was always running the wrong way or standing behind someone else. Not on purpose mind you…..

C – It was so much fun to watch the game. It was a little local league game, but I have never actually watched soccer in my life. I love watching any kind of sport and got to spend some time cracking up laughing at Todds situation. As you know, team sports has never been high on his interest list! It was great to see him get a couple of kicks and have some fun – both teams were super into it!

T – I’m glad we went. It was fun to play a game I don’t know, with people yelling at me in a language I can’t understand! Thanks guys for the fun night out! Unfortunately we hadn’t taken the camera with us so there is no photos of my amazing bend it like Beckham moments.

After the game there was lots of handshakes with everyone and then we went back to town and bed. They guys were all very lovely.

C – The receptionist warmly greeted us when we arrived, and before she left for the evening, came and gave us her personal number in case we needed anything during our time here. So lovely!!!

T – Tomorrow we will head for a little desert south of us, and I promise I will take more pictures.

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