I licked the wall, and it was salty

T – We found a small section of motorcycle shops today where we could get Chantelle some new footpegs and bits and pieces and one of the stores directed us to a mechanic. With Rosie running he grabbed his test light and poked about a bit before declaring her stator to be dead. We knew we could get one in Bogota and even though we didn’t really want to go there we now had to.

C – We really need to sort Rosie out, as I refuse to head further into the Andes and into higher elevations, whilst approaching winter, without heated grips! Despite our strong desire to not experience Bogata traffic, it appears we will do just that! On a plus side, another traveller we know is currently in Bogata and he invited us to stay in his apartment with him – we are super excited to catch up with Dave again!

T – We then wandered up to the salt mine where the church was and joined a tour. We walked down until we were about 180 meters underground. The carvings down here were really well done.

It took 120 miners a ton of time to carve out the crosses, columns and other bits and pieces. The guide was super passionate about it and we learnt quite a few things. It was cool to see the way the salt formed on the granite walls.

C – The underground cathedral was beautiful and the walk down was interesting, as they have carved the 14 stations of the cross along the route. The representations were interesting and the salt carvings were beautiful. However, the whole place lacked the atmosphere you normally expect in a cathedral. The place was ridiculously crowded, it felt as though there were about 10,000 tourists down there, all making a lot of noise. It did take away from the feel of the place.

T – Then it was time to just lay about and we ended up watching a movie, drinking some wine and eating cake. Not a bad way to end the day.

Tomorrow we head into Bogota

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2 thoughts on “I licked the wall, and it was salty

  1. nice pics
    miss you heaps
    love bailee

    • tncpowell

      Hello Bailee! We miss you too. Love T and C

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