Bitumen? Bah humbug.

T – Chantelle was very tired last night, so I let her sleep in until 830, at which point I thought we should probably get up and get a wriggle on. We packed up, grabbed a coffee from the nearby bakery and set our GPS to take us to Salento, along the bitumen.

We rode out of the town and started to climb immediately. We were soon above the town and looking out over the valley in which it nestled. Low wispy clouds clung to the dark forested mountains in the background. Such a beautiful place.

The road curved back and forth and we enjoyed the novelty of the smooth tar, right up to the point where it vanished and was replaced by muddy rocky track. Sorry Rosie and Mabel, no rest for you today.

C – We had visions of giving the girls an easy ride today, but sticking to the black stuff. However, what we didnt realise, was that there was no way out of Jardin on the bitumen. Oh well, back to muddy, rocky, steep tracks for us!

T – We climbed ever higher on the very wet and bumpy track until we were in the clouds. It was constantly drizzling now and soon we were both quite damp. But neither of us cared because the scenery was just outstanding! And to be fair the riding was a bit of fun too. Slipping and sliding into ruts, crossing streams and negotiating land slides. Colombia, you are beautiful!

C – As it turned out, the track was not that bad. I think we both had visions of the track being as terrible as the one into Jardin had been. Thankfully, it turned out to be fun riding, not hard riding!

T – We eventually wound out of the hills and back onto the main highway which was clogged with traffic. It turns out that we move faster in the off road bits than we do on the highways! There were a lot of road works, which works out for us because everytime there is a stop go person we get to scoot right to the front, usually passing 10-15 trucks along the way.

We turned off of the highway after a while and twisted and curved our way into Salento. A little touristy town tucked away in a valley.

We found a place to stay, camping here was as much for the two of us as a hotel room, and went for a wander through the town.

C – Neither of us were particularly taken with Salento, but we did find a super lovely hotel, run by an even lovelier family. We were both keen to check out the Valle de Cocora tomorrow!

T – We plan to leave tomorrow and head along a dirt road through some valleys. We have heard its a lovely track and we are both looking forward to it. If I get the chance I will even have another look at Rosies wires.

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