Photos of Jardin : microwave edition.

T – We had a couple of things we wanted to do around town today. Mainly look for parts for our bikes. Chantelle needs some new foot pegs as the rubber on one of hers has vanished somewhere along the way. I needed a fuse for Mabel and I have been on the hunt for some time now for a Colombia sticker for my bike.

We started the day with coffee, of course, before we began wandering the streets. After having been in a few motorcycle shops we were soon pointed to a little auto electrical store where I found a fuse. We found some footpegs but they looked very weak and plasticy so we passed on them. Rosies electrics have decided to give up the ghost altogether now and I am not sure where to look next. Maybe she needs to go to a doctor.

We enjoyed hanging out in the square for most of the day, alternating between coffee and beer and just watching the world go by until it was dinner time. I found a little street vendor who was selling the Colombian version of fish and chips. It was damn fine too!

Then it was off to bed. Tomorrow we are going to ride to Salento, a town at the start of some gorgeous looking valley and we are going to have a day on the bitumen, just for something different.

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3 thoughts on “Photos of Jardin : microwave edition.

  1. Dar

    So do you think Rosie is going to be ok? I think these little bikes are tougher than most big bikes. Its amazing the km’s you’ve put on them and how much wear and tear they take.

    • tncpowell

      We think she will be ok. Its either a broken wire or just a burnt out stator. Both of which we can have fixed here! The girls certainly have put up with some abuse havent they. Omce they get home we have promised them a nice retirement

      • Jax

        They can go and live with Mo and compare tall tales

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