It was like riding a bocking brunco.

T – Ok. Here we go. Second try to get out of Chiquinquira. Not that we minded spending more time here at all.

It had been raining a fair bit last night so a small part of me was hoping that the dirt road we planned to ride today would be a swampy muddy mess! It has been ages since we had a good muddy ride.

It didn’t take us long to pack up, grab a coffee and a bite to eat, say hello to Mr Plod who wanted to know where we were from and what our bikes were, and head on out of town.

Both bikes were running like clocks and in no time at all we were turning off of the main highway and onto highway 60. This was the most direct route from where we were through to El Penon and Medellin. But about 3 kms up the road that bucking jerking jumping motion came back. Mabel was again kicking up a storm. Sigh. I pulled over just as she did a huge backfire and cut out. I didn’t know what the mechanic had done to her but I knew it was something in the battery box. As I started to open her up I noticed that the lead for the sparkplug was off. I popped it back on and Mabel fired straight up and sat there purring like the little kitten she pretends to be.

We climbed a little ways up an incredibly curvy road. It wound back and forth and then we were over the crest and on the downhill run. The views were sensational. The road, even though it was beat up and broken in spots, was just insanely amazing. The corners just came one after another. The bikes constantly leaning over one way and then bang, straight back over to the other side. The curves wound back so tightly on themselves that even at 30 km/hr we were scraping our footpegs on the road. Wow. Possibly the best riding I have had on the bitumen, ever.

C – I have never scraped my pegs before and I can honestly say that it scared the #$%@ out of me the first time!! The riding was amazingly fun, throwing the little bikes around one corner, then the next.

T – There was one section which had me stopped on the side of the road and staring in amazement. I could see across the valley where the road continued on. The hill side was so steep that the road builders had constructed a concrete road that sat on huge horizontal pylons that were buried into the hillside. An engineering marvel!

Eventually the bitumen ran out and we were soon back to dirt. Narrow, rutted, rough, rocky dirt. Oh it was joyful!

We bounced along with immense views spreading out on either side of us. There was not one part of todays ride where we couldn’t see for days in at least one direction.

We rode through mud holes, slid and skidded up slimy muddy slopes, bounced from one washout to another, rode through streams that cut across the road from waterfalls in the forest, we skirted a huge landslide that felt as if it would slip out from under us at any second and still we couldn’t stop grinning. This was one of those roads that I could have ridden forever. But eventually all these things come to an end and soon the dirt was replaced with silky smooth tarmac and we rejoined a major highway.

C – We began the day wearing our thermals, nearly at 3000mtrs in altitude, and as we began the long, downhill run, the vegetation changed until we spent most of the day listening to the beautiful jungle creatures and enjoying the beauty of the jungle. What a day! What a ride!

T – Both of us were pretty buggered after todays ride so we found a truckers hotel on the highway and checked in.

We have another section of highway 60 to ride tomorrow and I hope its just as much fun as todays section!

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2 thoughts on “It was like riding a bocking brunco.

  1. Dna

    The scenery and food looks amazing… bumping around on those bikes must be some form of exercise because u should be fatty boombahs by now with all that delicious food…

    Loving the blog and saga of Mabel…. take care… can’t believe it is a year since you left our place…

    • tncpowell

      Its gone so fast! One year down the drain

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