Addicted to that coffee

T – We planned on taking some back roads today but we just couldn’t verify if they existed. Our GPS said something different to our which said something different to Google Maps. So we decided to slog down the main highway to a town called Chiquinquira. About 4 hours riding to do 186 kms.

We made good time out of Barichara and soon we were cruising down the highway, stuck behind slow moving trucks on steep hills and sharp bends. It made overtaking a bit scary at times as we scooted past trucks on our underpowered bikes.

C – It was extremely disappointing to be stuck behind the slow, slow trucks on this twisty highway. We were both cursing the trucks for ruining our cornering fun!! On the plus side, getting stuck in long, long lines of traffic is not as frustrating on a bike, as we were able to zip up the line or one or two cars at a time!

T – We had a quick stop for some more amazing Colombian food and then it was back into the traffic for some more highway miles. The riding was quite nice and the scenery was certainly beautiful. However we didn’t really stop along the way because we didn’t want to have to get stuck behind trucks we had just past.

Eventually we pulled into the town of Chiquinquira. First impressions were that it was a bit dreary. We were quite high up and it was very grey and gloomy looking and all the shops and buildings looked bare and rough around the edges. We found a nice little love motel and soon had our bikes hidden away inside. Then we decided to go for a walk.

C – Todd stayed on the street with the bikes whilst I went into the hotel. The lady was adamant we had bring the bikes in quickly, as she stated that bikes regularly get stolen off of the streets in broad daylight here. We got the bikes inside the lobby with the very secure, automatically locking front gate very quickly! Our girls need to be safe!

T – The town centre was gorgeous. We wandered up and down pedestrian dedicated alley ways, had coffee in a cafe, and enjoyed some incredible street food. This town was an unexpected delight! We must have spent a good 2-3 hours just walking around and poking about in some of the shops.

C – After we strolled around the city centre in all directions and chatted to some lovely locals, our view on the town was lifted. The centre was not dreary and industrial, but wide pedestrian streets set around a beautiful, but bare, central plaza and a grand cathedral. Given it was quite chilly at the altitude, we opted for some liquor in our coffee, just to warm up our tummies, and they were so strong! A full shot in each cup.. I think we may have wobbled out of the cafe.


T – By the time we made it back to the hotel we were both exhausted so we lay in bed and watched The Secret LIfe of Walter Mitty before crashing out. Our plan tomorrow is to head the majority of the way to Guatape and El Penon.

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