Keyboard warrior

T – Chantelle has a little article that she needs to write up today. So that meant we would have some down time just hanging about in our hotel. But before we got too lazy we had to go get some more coffee.

This morning we both opted for black coffee laced with whiskey. Hooooo boy. That was like a flying kick to the brain! We sat in the park and patted the local stray dogs and watched Colombians get on with life.

Everything in this town moves at such a nice sedate pace. Even though it appears most people wander in and stop at the coffee guy, even the kids! People lounge around the square chatting to their mates and letting their kids play games. It is such a great atmosphere.

We spent the next few hours locked away while Chantelle typed like mad. I put on Jurassic World to watch as I have just finished reading the Jurassic Park books by Micheal Crichton. Not a bad movie. I do like the throw back to the original Jurassic Park though.

After which we wandered back to the square where we had another coffee, with brandy this time, and then sat in a pub and had a few cold beers. What a life hey? We stuffed ourselves full of pizza, arepas, meat on a stick and some type of wafer dessert thing before calling it a day.

Tomorrow we shall leave. It will be a sad moment but the road calls and there are so many places in Colombia to visit. Our destination is a town called Barichara which is only about 60 kms or so away. But we have found an alternative road/track to the main one between here and there. Lots of curves and a few rivers to cross. It should be fun! Famous last words right?

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4 thoughts on “Keyboard warrior

  1. Rhianna

    Loving hearing about the adventures guys!

    • tncpowell

      Thanks Rhianna! We enjoy telling our stories

  2. Jax

    Is that the Colombian version of fairy bread?

    • tncpowell

      Hahaha. Oh fairy bread! It was similar, but add a huge serving of chocolate sauce and caramel sauce.

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