The Don to the rescue!

T – Oh hot showers! I had another long one this morning. I’ll never take a hot water tap for granted again.

We wanted to have a nice wander today and then check out the art gallery that uses Don Quijote as an expression of the artist views on the world. But first we had to go and have a coffee.

There is a little tent in the main square with numerous coffee machines stacked on a counter. So we went there and the guy behind the counter rattled of a dozen ways we could have our coffee with 4 different types of alcohol infused in them if we wanted! We thought it was a bit early for alcohol coffee so opted for the locally grown plain black espresso instead. Holy cow. It was so strong that my toes tingled right from the first sip. We, and by we I mean Chantelle, chatted to the owner for a few minutes and he said we must return in the evening and try the alcohol infused variety. Ok then, if we must!

C – The traditional Colombian coffee this morning was again, absolutely freakin’ amazing. We had it ‘sin azucar’ (without sugar) today and it was completely amazing. I was very keen to try the alcohol infused version, but thought it was better to save this for at least after midday!

T – We wandered up some of the steep roads and managed to get some glimpses out over the town. Every angle that we viewed this little place from just looked more amazing than the last. Not since Merida in Mexico have we both felt so comfortable and happy in a place. We have already decided to spend a third night here. This town is spotlessly clean, there are flower boxes under most windows and a huge amount of the houses have little painted murals on all their meter boxes. So lovely.

We wandered to La Casa del Quijote. A local artist and sculptor has put this magnificent little display together using Don Quijote and his side kick Sancho to show his view of the social goings on and politics of the world. It was bloody fantastic! I really enjoyed the message that each piece presented. Normally I am not into art but this was superb! I can not recommend Zapatoca and this museum enough! Hopefully the masses of western tourists stay at bay for a while longer but eventually someone will discover this magical place.

We had a guide in the art gallery who spoke mainly in Spanish but could also speak English very well too, even though she was a little shy about it. Then it was time for us to have some lunch and I really wanted a siesta for a few hours.

C – Again, a massive thankfully to Monica and Simon who recommended the Don Quijote experience to us. It was really impressive and lovely to delve into some intellectual thought about the imagery of the pieces. The representation of sociological and political issues that have been experienced through time was just superb! My brain was almost dead by the end of the tour, as I tried to get the explanations all in Spanish and then translate for Todd. After about an hour, I was starting to fade and then it became apparent that our lovely guide’s English was about as good as my Spanish! We were both in need of some lunch after our visit and we visited a little cafe which offered a set lunch of soup followed by a plate of meat, rice, lentils, salad and potato. After overeating yet again, we retired for a little siesta!

T – The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent sitting in the square, drinking coffee laced with aguardiente (Colombian made spirit), and coffee with Baileys, eating arepas cooked in butter and filled with cheese (amazing), drinking beers, and eating humungous slices of pizza. Life is hard.

After which we felt like retiring to our room and watching a movie before hitting the sack.

Tomorrow we shall spend another day here just relaxing and enjoying Colombian life.

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4 thoughts on “The Don to the rescue!

  1. Sounds like my kind of place, strong coffee and lots of yummy food. Would love to wander through the museum.

    • tncpowell

      Its an incredible little place Dar. We loved it and it sucked that we had to move on today.

  2. Jax

    Tilting at windmills… I can relate.

    • tncpowell

      It was very good! I think you would have enjoyed it

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