Whacked out of our brains on the Colombian good stuff

T – What a beautiful little place is Mompos. Chances are that we would have stayed a little longer but the road is ours for the taking, and take it we shall! We started off the morning with a coffee from a street vendor right outside our hotel. He must have known we were coming because he greeted us with a big smile and a booming hello while pointing at the two different sized coffee cups. Which do we want?

Well we went for the larger size, obviously! He poured some steaming black coffee out for us and we sat at a table and sipped at it. OMG. OMFG. It was liquid heaven. It had an amazing rich earthy taste and the sugar in it gave it a nice little sweet kick. Even Chantelle, who doesn’t have sugar in anything if she can help it, said it was frigging amazing. Cost of the coffee, around 40 cents each. Incredible.

C – I seriously can not describe how simply amazing that little shot of espresso was. A little cup of freakin’ sunshine!!! The sugar complemented the coffee perfectly and it was muy deliciosa!

T – It wasn’t long after and I could feel the caffeine and sugar racing through me. My hands shook and I felt like I could run a marathon. What concoction is this? Is there a dash of cocaine in each delicious cup? I need more! I need it NOW!


After we packed up we headed out of town and set the GPS to avoid as many toll roads and major highways as possible. Not that the toll roads bother us too much as bikes go through for free! We ended up taking some dirt roads, some sand roads, and some clay roads. It was great! And the people here are super friendly. Waving to us and chatting to us whenever we stop. Colombia is incredible already.

Then the kicker. Up on the horizon flashed some….mountains! It was the start of the Colombian Andes! From here on south we should see lots of mountains!

C – It has been quite hot the last few days and we were hoping to dive straight into the mountains to reach a cooler altitude, but alas, it was not meant to be! At the last minute, the road turned away from the mountains and we rode through a spectacular valley between two branches of the Andes mountain range.

T – We zipped along through busy little towns. Motorcycles buzzing all around us. There was an abundance of bird life and we even saw a heap of vulture looking things chewing on an alligator carcass. What??? Weird.

Then we were stuck on a major highway which took us south south south. By the time we reached our destination we had seen enough trucks and cars to last us a lifetime!

We checked into a nice hotel that gave us the best secure parking ever. Behind a huge locked gate and right near our room. We chucked our stuff down and went off for a wander. The streets of this town, San Martin, were covered in shade cloths right across the street. It was a busy colourful little town and there was an abundance of hardware stores.

We had a little slice of yummy cake and then retired back to our room while we waited for the street stalls to open up for food.

Tomorrow we should reach Zapatoca. Its about 200 kms south.

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