Do postie bikes make good anchors?

T – We rolled into Cartagena nice and early this morning. The sea was a little rough last night and I lost count of the amount of times that I woke up as I was being bounced off the bed and into thin air as we slammed over waves. It was great! I have quite enjoyed being on the boat but I am looking forward to getting back on the bike and exploring Colombia.

The captain soon had a small boat out to meet us and had the bikes unloaded and parked on the dock. He then left to go and do something. We weren’t really sure what but assumed that he was off to immigration.

C – As stressful as loading the bikes onto Calypsa was, unloading them was worse. It was completely terrifying to watch my little bike get lowered down by hand, from a yacht swaying around into a dingy that was swaying around even more. Thankfully it all went smoothly but I did not relax until both girls were safe and sound on dry land!

T – 4 hours later we were all sitting on the side of the road in the city with our bikes, no passports, no papers nothing and we had no idea where the captain was. It would be an understatement to say we were all feeling very frustrated and a little concerned as we were also pretty sure we couldn’t just unload our bikes without some type of customs inspection.

People came and went and chatted to us. Pretty much they all knew what boat we had come from and what was going on more than what we did. Eventually the captain turned up and told us that the passports wouldn’t be ready until 330pm. When we asked him about aduana he said he didn’t know but that it shouldn’t be a problem to have it all finished today. He has contacts in aduana for this type of thing.

After he came back with our passports he said that unfortunately aduana wasn’t open today and it wouldn’t be open until Monday. Aaron told him that he didn’t think we should have unloaded the bikes just yet and the captain agreed that perhaps he had been in too much of a rush. So now we were legal in Colombia but our bikes weren’t. This meant we couldn’t ride them without fear of them being impounded so we pushed them to a nearby hotel. Is it worse to be caught riding a bike that probably shouldn’t be here or pushing it?

This last leg has certainly has had its ups and down. From paperwork that is constantly wrong to now feeling like we are creating a mess for ourselves here in Cartagena. I’m feeling quite, actually very, stressed about the whole situation now. Chantelle keeps reassuring me that it will be fine. I hope so. Roll on Monday. Once I actually know where we stand in regards to the bikes then we can make a plan. Until then it’s all limbo land.

C – We are not the first bikers to be in the situation and I am sure we will not be the last. I have no doubt that Aduana will process our bikes on Monday without question. We are not alone either, the other two bikers on the boat with us are here, along with another rider who came in the day before us on a different boat. Whats the worst that can happen, right?!?!?

The hotel we have is nice, comfortable and is close to the aduana for Monday and close to the old city for an explore tomorrow

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  1. Jax

    That’s the spirit C!!

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