Honda? Pfft! Get a Toyota ya bloody drongo!

T – The sailing was beautiful. The ocean was smooth and the temperature just right. We spent most of the time on the boat either sleeping, reading or eating. The captain told us that the weather was quite unusual for this time of the year. Normally it was windy and wavey. Lucky us!

The food on the boat was amazing. The crew consisted of a couple from Finland who helped with the sailing and also prepared all the meals. We had everything from tuna salad right through to Thai curry! Amazing!

On the last night we caught a breeze. The sails were billowing and Calypsa was racing across the now slightly wavy ocean. We were looking at being in the harbour of Cartagena by around 7 am. Then we would unload the bikes and go from there.

It was at this point that I thought I might look over the paperwork from Panama. Not for any reason, it just so happened that I had the paperwork file out. That’s when I noticed a mistake. Another one from Panama aduana officials.

When we had received our exit permits from the DIJ I had checked and double checked every number. VIN, passport, everything. It was all correct. But in my haste I had missed one crucial error. No longer was I riding a Honda CT110. I was now riding a Toyota Moto.


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