How about another 50 dates?

T – We have not slept in a dorm room like this with other people before and I was worried about late night party animals coming in drunk, making loads of racket and generally interrupting my beauty sleep, of which I don’t need much of course. Right?

But I slept really well and this morning I was awake at 6am and ready to take on the challenge of a free breakfast of cornflakes! Yummmmmmo!

After stuffing my face we decided we should get on the road to Portobelo to meet the captain and see how legit this whole yacht thing was. We haven’t heard of this boat, or this captain before so we were keen to meet him and see the boat before we decided to agree to anything.

The road between Panama City and Portobelo was long and boring. It was basically a four lane highway and we just slogged it out over the next two hours.

Once we turned off the highway and onto the more rural road we started to see some very unusual things. Men covered in mud and dressed in reeds were dancing in the street, blocking cars, blowing whistles, drinking beer and asking for money. But when we came close to them they always let us pass straight through. It was very odd and we saw this repeated numerous times. I felt like they were witch doctors perhaps?

Finally after those guys and then masses of traffic jams we pulled into Portobelo and met up with the captain. He took us out to his beautiful yacht, showed us where our bikes would go, where we would sleep and then told us that it would only be four of us on board for the trip! We were pretty happy and handed over a small deposit each. He explained to us what we needed to do and what he needed to do in order for us to take our bikes from Panama to Colombia on his boat. Done deal!

From there it was back to Panama City where we got lost on the mess of highway junctions, had to sneak through toll road barriers, saw a ship in the canal locks, rode along the seafront and saw the city skyline, and generally just made a nuisance of ourselves.

After all that we all felt a little tired and decided to go out for a walk, find some beer and gorge on Burger King.

Tomorrow we need to go through the process of now exporting our bikes from Panama which isn’t as simple as it sounds. So that will be fun!

Oh and as a side note, the yacht we are on is called the Calypsa. It is the yacht featured in 50 First Dates. Yep Mabel and Rosie are going to be on the same boat that Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler were once on.

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4 thoughts on “How about another 50 dates?

  1. You guys are living the dream! 😘

    • tncpowell

      We are very lucky!

  2. Jax

    Mo is green – but not with envy this time… just seasick looking at that tiny boat.

    • tncpowell

      It was a tiny tiny very unstable little boat! Not something I want to have to go through to often!

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