Its like London Bridge, but totally different. Oh and its in Panama.

T – The beauty of camping out means getting up nice and early. And this morning I was down by the lake before the sun even came up. The birds were singing, there was a little bit of mist rolling along the lake surface and I had my own little private moment and took a few pictures over the water.

We had a breakfast of porridge, a cup of tea, and then packed up the bikes before heading out. The camp was free but we left a small donation to the caretakers as we want to make sure others can enjoy it in the future too.

As we whizzed down the Pan Am the sun rose up and the temperature soon followed. Aaron had decided to ride with us today and he sat behind us on his much bigger Suzuki DRZ400. We just basically sat on the highway and ground down the miles. Slowly but surely getting closer and closer to Panama.

There wasn’t too much of note on this ride. It was a busy trucking road and there was quite a fair bit of traffic zipping past us. Then seemingly out of nowhere a door was flying in the air. I didn’t see where it came from but I watched fascinated as it hung up there about 10 metres off the ground, fluttering and twisting in the air. I wasn’t sure where it may land and so rode along keeping my eye on it. The amount of air time this door had was incredible. Then I noticed it’s very odd, very unique shape. It looked to be a lid off of a coffin, but it had a window in it. Eventually it crashed down in the lane next to us just as a pile of thundering traffic blasted over it smashing it to bits. What a weird thing. Imagine the irony of that, being killed by a coffin lid.

Eventually we made it into the very busy city of Panama. It was quite a cool moment to be riding over the Bridge of the Americas and seeing the canal stretch off into the distance. It was definitely a milestone moment for sure. Next stop from here is South America.

C – The riding today was a real slog but seeing the Bridge of the Americas bought a huge smile to my smile. We have ridden from Alaska, the length of the North American continent on two small, little plucky motorcycles. What a moment!!!

T – We found a hostal after some searching around and ended up having to take a couple of beds in a dorm room, but soon we were off looking for a celebratory beer. We had made it to Panama.

Tomorrow we have to ride to the nearby, 100kms away, town of Portobelo to meet the captain of a yacht that will take us around the Darien Gap and into Colombia, and our bikes too of course.

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