But why cant we ride on the new part of highway?

T- We certainly splurged last night, but it was worth every single penny! I was one very happy boy with my steak filled tum. We received a beautiful message this morning from a lovely person who has been following our blog. She really helped lift our spirits and made us grateful to all of you out there who have supported us even when you have never actually met us. It means so much and I cant begin to say thankyou enough.

So this morning we were at the aduana office right on opening time. The gentleman who helped us yesterday greeted us with a very confused look on his face. We explained to him about the mix up with the papers and he soon had us heading back out the door with the correct ones in hand. Time to head down the road and meet up with Aaron for a camp out.

The first half of our trip was a repeat of yesterdays ride and the second half was pretty well exactly the same. Mile after mile of roadworks. It was quite warm and both our bikes were working very hard.

Finally though, we pulled into the campground, met the lovely hosts and soon had the tent hoisted, a glass of cheap red wine poured, and we were settling down and chatting away.

Not long after we arrived another couple turned up on push bikes. They were cycling from Portland in the States to Patagonia. Bloody mad they are!

We spent the evening swapping stories from on the road and soon enough it was time for lights out.

Tomorrow we shall head for Panama City, around 270 kms away.

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