Will you be my valentine Mabel?

C – We awoke nice and early this morning to get to the Ministerio de Salud offices nice and early. The nurse thought they opened at 0730, so that’s when we arrived. They didn’t open until 8, but we found a little cafe nearby for breakfast and wifi. The love motel did not offer wifi as one of their services!

After a security guard checked our documents at the health offices, we had to find an internet cafe to get a photocopy of the certificate. Back to the offices and we had two forms to fill in before we an official sighted everything and gave us our official certificates.

We quickly packed up the bikes and were leaving the city by 9am. Yay! San Jose was not a terribly enjoyable city for us – we did not get much to look around or check out the highlights, but it was dirty, polluted and had an uneasy vibe to it.

T – It was so busy in San Jose. The traffic was crazy and buses and taxis just pulled up and parked where ever they wanted, across lanes, intersections, footpaths, anywhere! Enough to drive every other road user crazy! We saw buses reversed into cars, cars t-boned into other cars, crashed bikes, it was nuts and I for one couldnt get out of there fast enough.

C – They way out of town was all a bit confusing, but we were soon on our way to what we had been told was a very enjoyable motorbiking road. As soon as left the traffic behind, we started to climb, climb, climb. We passed through beautiful villages and got some fantastic views back over the cities valley.

T – As the city fell away and the country side enveloped us, the riding just got better and better. And steeper and steeper. Poor Mabel was groaning and struggling to cart my back side up the mountain. She was back to third and sometimes second for about 40kms as we wound up up up.

C -We spent the morning climbing to a dizzying height of 3308mts! Much of this time was spent stuck behind trucks and slow moving vehicles, but when we got some clear air, the riding was sensational.

Once we reached San Isidro, the road flattened out, but we took the minor road down and followed the coast for the a while. The ocean was the bluest we have seen since we left Australia and it was lovely to see tropical beaches with white sand.

We pushed on to campsite we found on iOverlander and we are so glad we did. The camp is beautiful, with real lawn to pitch a tent on!

Tomorrow, we will head into Panama and complete our final Central American border crossing. We are both super excited about crossing into Colombia and can not wait to get the paperwork organised for the shipping!

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