These boots are gonna walk all over Nicaragua

T – Today is the day. I can feel it in my waters. We are going to get moving again.

We were at the post office about 3 seconds after they opened and soon we were staring at our box. Sitting right there. But we couldn’t have it. It didn’t have Chantelles name on it, only the name of the friend of a friend who was going to take delivery of it. Damn it. So close. We tried to explain to the post office that it was our package but she wouldn’t release it to us without the ID of our friend. But she eventually said she would accept a copy of his ID via Whatsapp.

C – It was so close! I was not entirely surprised that there was one more hurdle to jump. I thought the courier company was going to address the package to me, but put care of the hotel owners name. I felt terrible bothering him again, but a quick phone call and he was more than willing to send me what I needed to collect the package.

T – So we went and had some breakfast while we waited. In the end we had the box and Chantelle was soon sporting her new RST Adventure boots. What a saga!

C – The customer service rep from RST is seriously going to have the best Monday ever when she reads my last email and realises that she never has to hear from me again! I am sure the Nicaraguan postal service feels exactly the same way about me. But I dont care… por que I have NEW boots!! Thanks RST!

T – We zipped back to the hotel and soon we had the bikes packed up and idling in the street. It was time to head to Granada. Around 3 hours worth of riding.

We hooned down the highway, both of us feeling free again! Such a good feeling.

It didn’t take very long and we were soon skirting around the edge of Managua city and turning down the highway towards Granada. The traffic here is cray cray!

We rode into Granada and instantly fell in love with the city. It was colourful and lively and had beautiful Spanish architecture! We found our hotel after riding down a narrow street that was crowded with markets and pedestrians.

After we unpacked it was time to walk into the town square where we ate the local specialty of Vigoron – yucca, cabbage, pork and pork crackling. Very tasty.

We then climbed a bell tower over in the nearby church and took in the views out over the city. Beautiful! After which we enjoyed a nice beer and wandered back to our room where our mate Aaron had also decided to stay.

The three of us wandered off into town as darkness descended for some dinner and chatting.

Tomorrow we are going to head further on south possibly stopping at Ometepe Island which is formed from volcanoes in the nearby lake, or we will head for a town near to the border with Costa Rica.

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2 thoughts on “These boots are gonna walk all over Nicaragua

  1. Jax

    Are you serious???
    days and days of build up and not one bloody photo of the damn boots!!!!

    • tncpowell

      Hahah. Thats how we keep people in suspense!

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