Itchy and scratchy

T – Well we both slept in fits and starts last night. Chantelle dragged her mattress out onto the floor and slept there and I curled up on my sagging bunk. I kept waking up and scratching at myself. I had phantom bed bugs crawling in my hair, my beard, my undies, everywhere!

C – It was a little warm in the room and the fan couldn’t reach both of us at the same time, due to the placement of the powerpoint. So I just dragged my mattress on the floor and slept next to Todds bunk so that the fan could reach us both. Bliss!

T – But it was nice to get a good sleep and I felt it was much needed.

We had an email about the new boots. Basically the courier company from the UK had given the package to the Nicaraguan local postal service. Groan! From what we knew this meant that it would now be stuck in customs for weeks on end.

C – I did not really know how to proceed, other than to try and call the postal service. My spanish is not terrible now, but I was concerned at my ability to comprehend rapid speech over the phone. I gave it a go.. But alas, it just ended up with the poor girl on the other end getting frustrated with me because she was obviously telling me something simple but I just could not grasp what she was saying.

T – We ran around making phone calls and trying to find a translator so we could ring the postal service and sort it out. 15 phone calls and many hair tearing hours later we finally managed to stumble onto a gentleman who spoke English and told us he would try to sort it out for us. It was pretty late in the day and we knew he would be going home in two hours, plus it was a Friday so we weren’t to hopeful of a resolution.

But then, 1 hour after his knock off work time he rang us back. He had managed to get the parcel out of customs, with no duties, into a truck and on its way out of the city and that it would be delivered tomorrow. Thank you Mr Postal man!

C – I was really pleased with this news and felt cautiously optimistic!

T – So we went and had a beer to celebrate and treated ourselves to a good dinner, some tv and some relaxation time. Both of us thankful that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Tomorrow we shall, fingers crossed, pick the boots up and head to Grenada! Cross your fingers and toes for us.

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