Smoothies are smoother than smooth

C – My life is completely consumed by this parcel now. It’s difficult when you have nothing else to focus on.

T – All we do is think about the thing. We spend hours talking about it. Obviously we have a tough life if the worst thing we are worrying about is a package!

C – We rose this morning to see that the tracking had not updated. We decided to return to Leon and investigate further. We had received confirmation the package had indeed left the UK and would arrive in Nicaragua today.

Las Penitas was nice, but too expensive for us to stay another night. The ride back to Leon was uneventful and soon we were pulling up outside the hostel we first stayed in, as it was supercheap. They were full and after checking out a few of the other cheaper ones, we ended up back at the lovely Via Via Hostel.

T – We enjoyed a really tasty breakfast of pancakes, coffee and a smoothie. The owner of the hotel, Chris, really did look after us.

C – After unpacking, we met up with another rider from England who we met in Guatemala. We had a fun evening hanging out with Aaron!

Tomorrow – who knows. We will wait and see what ParcelForce and RST tell us in the morning.

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