How can it be so hard?

T – So this morning we jumped onto the tracking site for our parcel. We had been told 6 days until delivery as of the 31st January. But after the tracking showed that it was still possibly in the UK after 7 days Chantelle decided enough was enough and she rang Parcel Force. After being put on hold and then transferred around a bit she eventually was told that it had in fact not left the UK at all. Three times now RST have tried sending us this package with Parcel Force, and three times it hasn’t left the UK.

We had a hotel lined up on the west coast of Nicaragua who was going to accept the parcel for us, so we decided to send off another email to RST saying that this was getting rather tedious and headed to the beach.

It was only a short 30 minute ride and I was ever hopeful in finding a tyre fixer along the way. Normally these guys are every 100mt along the road. But today, not a single one. So sorry Mabel but you will have to wait another day.

We made it to the town of Las Penitas where our hotel was and soon we were checked in and enjoying a cool shower to wash off our sweat.

C – The ride was uneventful but it was lovely to pull into Las Penitas and feel the cool ocean breeze. It is a lovely beach town, but as with these sorts of towns, everything is just a tad more expensive. We enjoyed a nice lunch and a not so dinner, followed by a very nice banana split!

T – Hopefully we hear back from RST in the morning but our plan now is to start heading south again. Neither of us is interested in spending another 6 or, possibly more, days sitting and waiting for a package that may, or probably wont, turn up.

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