T – Well we have been told to not expect our package before Wednesday now. Im sure the poor lady we have been in contact with at RST is sick of this whole thing. It seems that the courier company they are using really has no idea of what they are doing as it has taken them the best part of 3 weeks to get this package moving. So we are relaxing in the very nice, lively and vibrant city of Leon at the moment.

We both are really liking Nicaragua. It has a nice vibe and even though we want to ride ride ride it isn’t too bad to be stopped here.

C – The city is lively and the food and drink is relatively cheap. Leon reminds us of Mexican cities a bit – built around a central parque and catedral. At night, the parque is filled with families playing all sorts of games. Last night we saw kids rollerskating – yep, rollerskating, not rollerblading! It was pretty cool!

T – We have enjoyed wandering the streets, eating some local food, lots of buffet type places here, and generally just chilling out. Oh and I have been sampling the local beers too,

Our hotel is called Via Via and it is very fancy, we decided to splurge, and they have let us park our bikes right inside the building.

We are hoping to stay here just for one more night before we head down to the coast and check out a couple of little towns there. Then we think it will be likely that we have to either return to Leon to pick up our parcel or that it will be in the capital city of Managua.

I have yet to get Mabels rim fixed, but it is a definate must do. We have managed to get a few little jobs done though including our laundry.


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