Would you like a little fecal matter sprinkled on those fries ma’am?

T – We are basically sitting here twiddling our thumbs now. Chantelles package was meant to arrive the other day but due to a clerical error in the paper work it was sent back to the UK from the USA. RST were straight onto it though and soon had it winging its way back. But it means we now have to wait until Monday to see if it appears here. I’m starting to get a little stir crazy.

C – Antigua is not a place we would normally hang out for such a long time, but we are trying to make the most it. I must admit, we are both feeling a little bit homesick this week. Im not sure why – perhaps the lack of forward movement??

On Friday, Todd was very keen for a haircut, so we ventured off to find a barbershop. We found a lovely little shop, where the barbers were dressed up and the salon had a 1950’s feel going on. We had a nice chat to the guy and Todd got a fabulous haircut for a mere $2.70AUD. My hair has lacked attention since we left Australia and the ends which are exposed to the elements under my helmet were in seriously bad condition. However, I was not confident in seeking a haircut before I knew any Spanish, so after Todds cut, I thought – right, its time to do it. I found a nice little salon and explained to the hairdresser that I wanted only the minimum taken off – just what my hair needed to be healthy. Well…. I walked away with the shortest hair I have had my entire adultlife. Whilst I do not actually mind the cut, I feel devastated every time I run my hand down the back of head and the hair ends just below my shoulders! Its like being naked!!!! At least its all healthy now I guess…

T – We have wandered town a little bit, eaten a heap of food and ended up resorting to taking a few drugs to quiten down the last of our tummy bugs. We met two fellow adventure travellers yesterday, Shawn and Philipe who are both heading to Ushuaia. They too are hanging about in Antigua waiting for stuff. Philipe has had to replace some of his luggage and Shawns KTM is having some issues and is now in the local KTM shop. Like us they too are keen to just be on the move again.

We haven’t fallen in love with Antigua and have spent a fair amount of time holed up in our hotel watching Netflix or sleeping. We don’t seem to have much luck with packages being sent to us! Oh and eating…

C – I am still having some tummy issues since being ill last week, so after our chat with Philipe and Shawn yesterday, I went straight to the pharmacy and had a productive conversation, in Espanol! It seems the most likely cause, in the simplest term, is having consumed food or water which is contaminated with fecal matter. Insert gross face, insert sad face. It appears that in 24-48hrs after taking the super powered, dysentry treating single dose, we should be feeling much better! Fingers crossed!!

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6 thoughts on “Would you like a little fecal matter sprinkled on those fries ma’am?

  1. Wendy Funk

    I think your hair looks great and I love that photo of you and Todd in the restaurant!

    • tncpowell

      Thanks Wendy!!

  2. Monica Joseph

    I am not surprised you are underwhelmed with Antigua. We found it expensive and overrun with westerners.You were sharp to avoid attending Spanish school there. My favourite Central American country is Nicaragua.Hope you get on top of the stomach stuff and receive those boots soon.

    • tncpowell

      Im sure Antigua is a nice place, and I love the old buildings and cobbled streets, but yes, too touristy for this black duck! Its not a place I would return to. We are really enjoying El Salvador so far though. Very friendly people, good roads, good food!

  3. Simon Roberts

    Judging by the photos of all the tucker your bellies must be better now. Enjoying your posts.

    • tncpowell

      We are feeling much much better thanks Simon!! Nothing a good dose of pancakes and drugs cant fix

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