Another fiery explosion, this time not from our bottoms

T – That was a long night. I couldn’t sleep a wink. I rolled around all night sweating up a storm and driving Chantelle crazy! Thankfully though the fever started to ease around midnight and my journeys to and from the dunny had trickled to a stop. Literally no more trickling!

I eventually managed to get to a few good hours of sleep and when we woke up today both of us felt ready to pack up and ride back to Antigua.

C – After spending 36hrs going no further than the bed and the toilet, it was nice to wake up and feel confident that I no longer needed to be within 5 steps of the toilet!! I was definitely not ready to face food yet though.

T – We hit the road at a reasonable hour and soon we were weaving back through the mayhem of local traffic. Instantly the misery of the last couple of days was gone and it was replaced with a massive grin on my face. There is something a bit naughty and a bit fun about squeezing up the middle of the road between buses, trucks, tuk tuks and chickens.

We passed through a few small towns but nothing to really make us want to stop and grab any photos. One place had us gunning for the outskirts as there seemed to be something going down. There was around 100 Federal police officers marching down the side of the road and big groups of people yelling loudly. Some type of protest perhaps? Not wanting to get caught up in it all we skedaddled out of there.

After the long uphill slog we soon arrived back into Antigua where we found our hotel and then had to go find parking for the bikes. We picked this hotel because it advertised parking on site, but in actual fact there was no parking available, not even for our small bikes, unless we wanted to leave them on the street overnight. No thankyou! One public secure parking garage quoted us $15 Aussie a night to park the bikes, but we had to leave them parked on the street til 6pm and had to have them back out on the street by 10am the next morning. Ouch!

Eventually the hotel helped us out and we were given some parking space in the backyard of a friend of the hotel owners behind huge locked gates and tucked away out of sight. Job done.

We then spent a few hours chilling out and had a wander into town for some dinner which we enjoyed while watching the nearby volcano erupt in massive bursts of fiery red lava. So freaking cool!

C – It was so very cool to watch the volcano! I have never seen an active volcano before, so we spent some time just chilling out on the edge of a fountain, watching the volcano do its thing! I also managed to eat half a chicken sandwich and down some coconut water.. Things are looking up!! Given we eat at local restaurants and very rarely venture into the tourist oriented places, I think we have been pretty fortunate to only get sick a few times each so far. It never lasts long and despite how unpleasant it is, you know its going to be over as soon the demon escapes!

T – Tomorrow we stay put. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long and then we are out of here!

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2 thoughts on “Another fiery explosion, this time not from our bottoms

  1. Wendy Funk

    How incredibly exciting to watch a volcano erupt!!!

    • tncpowell

      t really was! It was something that neither of us thought we would get to see

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