It’s not very funny but it’s very hot and runny…

While we wait for Chantelles boots to arrive, around 3-4 days, we thought we would spend a second night here in Monterrico. Its a very chilled out little place and we both are enjoying it after the hustle and bustle of Antigua. So the decision was made and early this morning Chantelle went and paid for another night.

We basically spent the day lounging in the pool, wandering on the beach, lounging in the pool again and eating. Life is just getting so damn hard. Having to stop and wait again for another package to arrive is a pain for me as I really want to spend some time riding again. But we have vowed that once we have the new boots we will hit the ground running and head straight over the border and into El Salvador for a couple of days before we zip up into Honduras. We have started to put some ideas together to get around the Darien Gap. At this stage we have two options. Put our bikes into a shipping container, or fly them. We considered an attempt to go through the Gap, but unfortunately after a ton of research over the past little while we neither have the time nor the knowledge to attempt such a thing. Though it would have made for an interesting adventure for sure.

We wandered down along the beach this afternoon and we were lucky enough to be able to witness the release of hundreds of baby turtles into the sea. There is a cool little turtle sanctuary here and it would have been great to have found some time in our ‘busy’ schedule to go and check it out!

Then it was back to our room as the sun went down where after a dinner of Doritto sandwiches Chantelle and I played tag with each other in going to the toilet all night. It seems that something we had at lunch time was in a hurry to escape and before we knew it we had blasted through 3 rolls of dunny paper. Ugh. Chantelle definitely had a worse dose than me and she ended up  spending most of the nice either sitting on the toilet or kneeling in front of it. We think we may end up staying here tomorrow too just to rest and drink water all day. Oops, I’ve got to run because Im starting to run………

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2 thoughts on “It’s not very funny but it’s very hot and runny…

  1. Dar

    Oh no! Feel better fast!

    • tncpowell

      Tomorrow is a new day! But as I lay here racked in fevers and unable to sleep tomorrow seems a long way away!

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