Two burritos? Two burgers????

T – One thing we discovered very early into the trip into Mexico was that we would either have hot water and no wifi or amazing wifi and no hot water. This was exactly true to form at last nights hotel. We had absolutely no wifi at all and yet we had the most amazing shower since the USA. Amazing water pressure and scalding hot water was just the perfect way to end the day, and to start today!

After we drained the hotels hot water system we packed the bikes up and gave them their daily checking over. Both of them needed some air in the tyres and after that it was time for us to go. Thankfully they both started right up true to their old form today!

C – I do not think we can convey just how precious it is to have both hot water and good pressure…. We ran the hot water out last night and this morning so we could both enjoy scalding hot showers!! It was blissful and like a little slice of heaven! Never again will I take a shower for granted….

Although we enjoyed wandering around Antigua yesterday, we both felt being stopped for up to a week was not something we would enjoy at this stage. We both enjoyed the ride so much yesterday that we just wanted to keep moving. So off to the coast we decided to go.

I really can not thank RST enough for their willingness to assist me with my boot situation. I have had numerous issues with my left boot in particular and it is nice to see that an adventure company is able to support riders on the ride. So thanks RST, I am very much looking forward to my new boots!!

T – We set the GPS to take us to the town of Monterrico. Unfortunately the maps on the GPS ended about 15 km short of our destination. I think its time to add the next few countries onto it.

The ride was very uneventful today, with us basically sitting on a major highway out of Antigua and all the way to the coast. Two lanes in both directions meant that masses of traffic were constantly flying by us in both directions. The road was in great shape except for a few nicely placed topes and we made good time.

At one point I saw a fella sitting on the side of the road next to his very old and very abused looking motorcycle. He had a flat tyre. We did a u-bolt and in my very broken very badly spoken Spanish I offered to help him if I could. Unfortunately his bike was tubeless and not only did I not have a tubeless repair kit, but I also only had 17 inch tubes. I was willing to try to give him a tube to help him along the way but he told us that there was a tyre repair very nearby and that he would be ok. He thanked us with a handshake and a toothless smile and started shoving his bike up the hill.

Apart from that we basically just rolled along until we made it into Monterrico just on lunch time. It seems like a nice little town and has a few local tourists here. We found a nice cheap hotel fronting the beach with a swimming pool, wifi and no hot water.

We had a little feed when we arrived before we enjoyed a swim in the massive pool and then headed to town to find some more food. I have been having this real hankering for hamburgers today so not only did I have one for lunch, but I also had one for dinner! Chantelle ordered a burrito which came out as two massive tubes of meat and salad wrapped in half an acre of tortillas! Both meals were amazing and crazy crazy cheap.

C – Thankfully, Todd is able to eat until there is no more food left, so he shared my second burrito and we managed to finish everything!!! Amazing food for about $10AUD for both of us.

The town of Monterrico is quite lovely, with a vibrant, lively atmosphere. We understand that the tourist population here is mainly wealthy Guatemalans, rather than international tourists. This is was evident when we arrived at the hotel to a pool full of Guatemalans, all laughing and playing in the cool waters. The hotel definitely had an atmosphere to it when we arrived!! Although, the hotel emptied out after the late afternoon check out time.. I guess most of the families were back to their city life to head for work and school tomorrow.

T – Then it was back to our room where we have just polished off the last of our rum and are listening to “la Bamba” blaring from the nearby restaurant. We are going to stay here tomorrow night as well and then we shall head back to Antigua if the boots are heading that way, or we will head for the border to El Salvador. Our plan at this stage is to loop through El Salvador and then up into Honduras before we make more of a bee line to Panama. I can’t believe I am saying that! Panama! We hope to be there in about 4-6 weeks and begin the task of sorting out shipping, riding, rowing, flying, smuggling or carrying our bikes around, through, over or under the Darien Gap. Anyone want to join us and attempt to ride through it? Joking of course!! Or are we….

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2 thoughts on “Two burritos? Two burgers????

  1. Jax

    Mo says he’s willing to give the Darien Gap a go…

    Meanwhile, Eeny and I are off to The Adventure Travel Film Festival. :-0

    • tncpowell

      Come on over Mo! I want to go to the Film Festival! Maybe when we get home Ill take Mabel to Bright.

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