3 days to go!

Is it wrong that we are getting excited to go? We really have no reason to not like where we are. It is quiet, the school is amazing and the people here are very welcoming. But the ring of volcanoes and mountains are pressing down on me with such huge weight, making me eager to jump on Mabel and flee to the next town. Its an itch that I have never been able to fully scratch my entire life. I jump from one job to another, one house to another, never fully settling in, only ever staying long enough to know I don’t want to be living that particular way of life. I think I average around 2 years maximum in any job and 3.5 years in any one place. This life on the road suits me perfectly.

This feeling brings up the one concern that Chantelle and I both share for when this trip ends. What do we do? How do we try to shoe horn ourselves to fit back into the 9 til 5 life? If I think about it too much I can feel a touch of anxiety creeping in.

Before we started this trip I knew I could do at least 2 years in a place. Now I feel like I’m fighting hard if I have to stop for more than 2 weeks. I fear it is going to be an incredible challenge when the time comes. Too many times I have read stories of those who have gone home after such a trip as this and fallen helplessly into a deep depression. I don’t want that. Perhaps we can find some way to work on the road and never need to return to a fully stopped form again. It seems like such an easy thing to do, but in reality it is quite hard.  Only time will tell!

So we now have 3 days to go! We recently discovered a chocolate factory almost right next door to the school where they hand make chocolate right in front of you. It is brilliant and the chocolate is unlike any of the main stream stuff that is available in most shops. I love Cadburys chocolate but I have to say this San Pedro stuff is just a tiny bit better. And at just over $AUD1 a stick its crazy cheap! Today we bought 6 sticks of the stuff and Chantelle was invited to help package her specially made chocolate up!

A big bonus for me of being in our place has been the amount of Cornflakes I have been able to have! It makes me very happy and I have been eating three and four bowls of the things everyday!

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4 thoughts on “3 days to go!

  1. Brenda

    I’m sure the chocolate is amazing and fresh but I can’t help lol at what it 1st looked like to me unwrapped hahaha

    • tncpowell


    • Dean and Janette Daly

      Hey guys – sounds like the adventure continues to be everything and more! I thought you said 6 sticks of chocolate – I only saw 4 in the picture!!! Where did the other two go?!?!

      Many wayward souls have stopped in Smithers…and never left! I’m sure we could find somewhere to shoehorn you two into the life here!

      Happy trails and more adventures overyonda!

      All t best,

      • tncpowell

        We struggled hard to not scoff all the chocolate before we took a photo! I think its lucky we managed to control ourselves for that long!

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