Soon we will ride again!

Well we are almost through our third week of Spanish classes and we are both well happy with how far we have come. I still struggle to come up with the words to build my sentences but Chantelle is rattling of Espanol like a local. It will make talking to random people who approach us in gas stations, restaurants, and carparks much more fun!

So since the last update we have had more cooking classes, taken a day trip to a massive market in a nearby town, hung out alot, studied a whole lot more, ate a bucket load of banana breads, doughnuts, and I have developed a taste for chichurrones which is deep fried chicken skin that has a similar taste and texture to pork crackling. A little bit on the moorish side!

One of the other students we hung out with at the markets managed to get pickpocketed and lost his phone to some light fingered little butt hole of a person.

I have started going through our video footage of Mexico to make a short clip, but I have 80 gig of clips to watch and wade through so that may be a while off yet. I might make that a to-do job for when we are in Antigua for a day or two.

Last night the school took us to a basketball game which was a hoot! There was a massive crowd there and the referees had to keep clearing the court of spectators as the crowd swelled and swelled in size.

We are going to stay for one more weeks worth of classes and thats it. The we head for El Salvador!

Still glad to have you all along and we do miss blogging every day!

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2 thoughts on “Soon we will ride again!

  1. Cindy & Brian Simpson

    Hi Chantelle & Todd!
    Cindy & Brian Simpson here.(Campbell River, Canada) Some lovely family news to share with you… Brother Dean & wife Janette(Smithers) have become grandparents yesterday! Their daughter Janelle & her partner Graeme have brought a little boy into our world. His name is “Rory Dean Tabor” and he arrived January 17th, at 11:49am, weighing 7 lbs, 6 oz’s. Gramma Janette was there assisting with the delivery at the hospital and says, “He’s perfect!” If you want to connect with them, Janette’s cell# is 250-877-9490. She will be with them for the next 3 weeks. And Janelle’s cell# is 250-877-0868. Sending our love to you both, and holding out hope that we will be together again. xoxoxox

    • tncpowell

      Hey guys! Thats fantastic news! Congrats all round! We miss you and your gorgeous family and not a day had gone by where you mob dont come up in our conversations! We are making plans to get back up to see you all!

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