San Pedro

As not alot has been going on travel wise, we thought we might share some of our pics from our school and from wandering around town.

We have been involved in the cooking classes they offer at the school and have so far learnt how to make tamales and tamarindos. Both traditional Guatemalan dishes and very tasty! The school also supplies us with tasty jamaica tea infused with copious amounts of local rum. A very dangerous thing!

We are enjoying learning some spanish but we are both getting to the point where we want to get back on the road! So at this stage we will do another week, our third, of Spanish and then possibly head for Antigua and El Salvador.

A kind gentleman picked up our part in Mexico and delivered it to us today. And after all of that, the company sent me the wrong bits and they probably wont fit our bikes. Bugger!

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2 thoughts on “San Pedro

  1. Jax

    I’m getting withdrawl symptoms…

    • tncpowell

      Uh oh! Better ship Mo over here!!

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