Clutchin’ me plates

C – We decided to stay put today and get some laundry done. So, after a leisurely lie in, we went out to breakfast with Zack.

T – Zack is a really lovely guy and we chatted away most of the morning with him. He is doing some great work raising awareness for Veterans suffering from PTSD. Something that guys really don’t like to discuss with other people.

C – We had a great breakfast and as normally happens, it was 11.30 by the time we left the breakfast table!

Zack was heading off today, but offered to show us where the local Honda dealer was on his way out.

Ride safe Zack! I am sure we will see you again along the way!

We were chasing some new clutch plates for Rosie – we just can not get her to slipping since the crash. Time to just replace the plates! The Honda dealer was lovely, but unable to help us, but he did point us in the direction of someone who could help.

A few doors down, we found exactly what we were looking for, for $10AUD – which we were pretty happy with.

T – I was pretty damn chuffed that we could find clutch plates to suit a Lifan 125 in the middle of Guatemala. Then I realised how many Chinese bikes there really were getting around the place. Sure does make for some easy parts purchasing! While in the Honda dealer I checked out the mounting bolt pattern on the Honda Waves as I wouldn’t mind converting our bikes to those engines in the future. Looks like they won’t fit without some customising, but that’s easy enough to do!

The rest of the afternoon was spent chilling out and wandering around town, before we headed down to the local stalls for a delicious cheap dinner.

T – They had slices of cake at the little stalls. And I don’t mean little slices of cake. These things were frigging huge! It took all my strength to not buy a big slab of Coconut Cake. I’m trying to lose some of my Mexico weight!

C – Tomorrow, we will head on out and start making our way towards Lake Atitlan.

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