Muddy bloody fun

T – Well in the end the parties both died down by midnight and surprisingly enough I managed to sleep through most of the racket! I was pretty damn tired.

We were up early and sat outside and enjoyed a nice hot coffee as the day came to life. Ahh blissful this! The howler monkeys started howling and monkeying around and Mr Beans settled down onto my lap for some more sleep. Aww he is so sweet.

We had settled on the town of Hopkins today. It was an easy ride and would give us a taste of the southern part of Belize. We were tossing up about heading further south to Punto Gorda but we will see how we feel.

We had to slog along the main highway for a bit but we had a plan up our sleeves. The Manatee highway. It was a bit of a shortcut and stayed away from the traffic that dominated the main road. Turned out to be a great ride!

The tar ended quickly and soon we were slipping and sliding around in glorious bright red mud! The road was in pretty bad shape but it made us smile and giggle like mad. We scooted around potholes in a constant wiggling waving swerving line and flew through several flooded sections of road. The hot steamy jungle closed in on us as the road got narrower and narrower. It was some great riding!

C – What a road! The Manatee Highway was just so much fun to ride, and the best part, no other cars were using it!

T – We had about 60 km’s of this brilliant little road before we rejoined the highway and in the end we only saw 2 other vehicles the whole time. I would definitely recommend it to other riders looking to get off the main drag.

The bitumen road led us through a lovely low lying area of wetlands full of birdlife. Very pretty.

Hopkins was a small village set right on the Caribbean coast and basically had one main street that ran north to south. We found a little Belizean eatery and scoffed ourselves stupid. We had skipped breakfast, simply because we had no food on board our bikes, but we made up for it with lunch.

We decided to stay the night here and found a room at the Funky Dodo right on the beach. We had a wander around and in the afternoon sat in a bar and had a few local rums, I miss Bundy, and chatted to a lovely couple from Colorado about life in the US these days.

Then it was a short stroll into town where we crossed a line from nice and touristy to dodgy and not so nice. After being offered marijuana twice we quickly turned tail and went back to the much nicer feeling part of town. We didn’t feel threatened in the seedy bit but it wasn’t a place we wanted to hang out in. There is almost zero crime in Hopkins and the locals like to keep it that way.

Then it was time to head to bed. It was a hot and humid and sticky night and I loved it! Tomorrow we head for Belize City, unfortunately, to pick up our replacement headset.

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