Our last day in Mexico. Sad face….

T – Today was the day. We were getting back on the road regardless as to whether our spares had arrived or not. I did a quick tracking check this morning when I woke up and saw that the thing was still in customs, but I held out for the slight off chance that maybe it was at the Tulum post office. So we went and checked. Nope. It wasn’t. The post office guy told us it was still in aduana, customs.

So the decision was made and we were out of there! Girls revving we raced away down the road. Oh it felt so damn good! Back on the road again. It seems like it has been forever!

C – It really does feel like forever since we have made any movement forward. Whilst it was lovely hanging out in Mexico, it is just not how we travel. We like to move… even if only a little bit in a new direction each day.

T – We were headed for the border city of Chetumal today which meant we were nice and close for an easy crossing into Belize tomorrow.

The ride itself wasn’t terribly exciting. The road was flat and straight and full of traffic. But we managed to break it up into smaller sections thanks to the fact that I needed to stop at every public toilet along the way. My poor butt hole was working overtime.

C – We had 50km to go when we started seeing stalls selling fresh pineapple. I had just had to stop. The pineapple I have had in Mexico has by far been the tastiest I have had anywhere. So, less than $1 later, we were munching our way through through sunshine and heaven!

T – Several hours and 240km’s later we made it to our hotel. A hotel that seems to have a very unfortunate name, but hey, it was cheap and clean. Sort of clean. But the toilet came with a seat which was a luxury item these days! We checked in and lounged about before heading off into town for some dinner.

And that was that. Tomorrow we face a border crossing and a short ride to a howler monkey reserve. Belize isn’t very big and we could likely ride it in a day but we have a new Sena headset waiting in Belize City for us and can’t get it until Monday, so we shall spend a few days having a look around before we head to Guatemala. We have a Spanish School booked for January 2nd in Antigua so we may have to get a wriggle on and get there!

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