So, that part isn’t coming….

C – Yesterday was a nice, quiet chilled out day. We did not venture too far, neither of us too keen to see any more of the highly touristed town, particularly given the frequent and heavy rain showers!

Annoyingly, one our Sena headsets decided it no longer liked life. After working perfectly, Todd turned it off, I then plugged it into the charger and nothing. We tried doing a fault reset and all other manner of ‘recycling the power’ and it appears dead.

Today, although humid, was looking to be a better day. We packed up the bikes slowly and enjoyed the short ride back to Tulum, this time getting to see the scenery on the ride in the sunshine!

We had decided to head back to Tulum until Friday, which is the latest arrival date for the elusive part.

We checked into our booked hostel, Rancho Tranquillo, in Tulum town and spent the afternoon relaxing!

Our jobs for this week: 1. find a replacement foot peg rubber (one of Rosie’s floated away during a deep puddle adventure on Saturday) 2. to see if someone can manufacture a new engine mount for Rosie (we discovered one of hers snapped in ‘the crash’ a few weeks ago) and 3. speak with Sena and organise a new headset!

Disappointingly, we missed catching up with Richard due to some unpleasant tummy issues!!

We will most likely not post again until Friday and in the meantime, will enjoy a quiet and restful week before tackling a new country – Belize!

T – It looks as though the part we have been waiting for is lost in transit somewhere and we won’t be seeing it here in Tulum. Oh well, we have had a nice rest off the bikes but both of us are definately keen to get going again! We miss our bikes, we miss the road, we miss you lot!


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2 thoughts on “So, that part isn’t coming….

  1. Jax

    Ah… so… I’m not so jealous this week

    • tncpowell

      Yeah it wasnt a very exciting week. Tomorrow we hit Belize so the fun continues!

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